I think we need to have a discussion about item templates, and I can't see a better place for it than here. In short, I think that the item template system is too complicated. Now, I understand the reason for having lots of different templates like "Template:Item begin" etc, because then there is less repetition, and item panes can be heavily customised. However, it makes editing templates a nightmare. Also, it means that we cannot customise as easily. For example, I was thinking of adding a line called "Stackable" to all item boxes, because I think this is a useful thing to know. But I would have to manually edit every single page's table, which would be a lot more complicated than just adding a value to the list.

I'm not advocating combining all item descriptors (runes, weapons etc) into one centralised Template:Item. But I think it might be useful to have Template:Rune, Template:Weapon etc rather than all this "Template:Item begin" stuff.

Just a thought. And maybe it slightly relates to what Karlos was saying over at Talk:Main Page#Over Automation. Kidburla 19:14, 12 January 2006 (UTC)

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