An Avicara Guile, a typical Tengu

Tengu are a class of monster, i.e. a species in the bestiary of Guild Wars.

General description

Tengu are humanoid, intelligent, quick-moving creatures who resemble a mixture of human and bird, with a feathered body and a bird-like head and beak. They are unable to fly, but can hold weapons and items.

Tengu in Tyria

The Tyrian Tengu split up into three peoples:

All three groups of Tengu are hostile.

Tengu in Cantha

In Cantha, the Tengu are divided into two main tribes, the Sensali and the Angchu. A third, smaller tribe, the Star Tengu, reside in the Nahpui Quarter of Kaineng City. The Sensali and Star tribes are hostile, while the Angchu are allies.

The Angchu learned to live with the humans who rule their land, whereas the Sensali prefer life as nomads. The Angchu learned to articulate and, generally, live in peace with their human neighbours. The Angchu deeply hate the Yeti people in the mountains, their archenemies since before the time Cantha was united as a kingdom.

The Canthans tolerate the Angchu but few consider them equal to men. Nonetheless, humans and Angchu jointly celebrate the end of the Tengu Wars. The anniversary of the peace treaty is celebrated by humans as the "Day of the Tengu".

A Tengu henchman named Talon Silverwing can be employed in some Canthan and all Eye of the North locations. He is recognized by Emperor Kisu as one of the individuals instrumental in bringing an end to the Tengu Wars.


Tengu are usually found in mixed groups of melee attackers, ranged attackers and spellcasters. This mixture, combined with their speed, makes them dangerous foes for any profession.

Furthermore Tengu ...

Items dropped

Tengu may drop the following loot (besides gold and various weapons and items):

Trophies Tengu scalps
Crafting Materials Feathers
Salvage Items Various

Known sub-types

Region Sub-Species
(Profession Level)
Kryta Warrior-icon-small12/13 Caromi Tengu Brave
Warrior-icon-small18 Caromi Tengu Elite
Ranger-icon-small13 Caromi Tengu Scout
Ranger-icon-small17 Caromi Tengu Fierce
Mesmer-icon-small12 Caromi Tengu Wild
Mesmer-icon-small17 Caromi Tengu Seer
Feathered Caromi Scalp
Southern Shiverpeaks Warrior-icon-small24 Avicara Brave
Ranger-icon-small24 Avicara Fierce
Monk-icon-small24 Avicara Ardent
Necromancer-icon-small24 Avicara Guile
Mesmer-icon-small24 Avicara Wise
Feathered Avicara Scalp
Shing Jea Island Warrior-icon-small4 Sensali Fighter
Warrior-icon-small12Sensali Cutter
Necromancer-icon-small5 Sensali Blood
Necromancer-icon-small12 Sensali DarkFeather
Assassin-icon-small5 Sensali Assassin
Assassin-icon-small12 Sensali Claw
Feathered Scalp (low level)
Feathered Crest (high level)
Kaineng City Warrior-icon-small20 Star Blade
Ranger-icon-small20 Star Sentinel
Ritualist-icon-small20 Star Light
The Tarnished Coast Warrior-icon-small20 Quetzal Stark
Ranger-icon-small20 Quetzal Keen
Necromancer-icon-small20 Quetzal Dark
Mesmer-icon-small20 Quetzal Sly
Quetzal Crest

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  • Tengu in Japanese folklore are a type of "kami" (roughly "spirit") described as "crow-headed humanoids" with "beaks ... sometimes lined with sharp teeth."
  • The relationship between the tengu and naga in Cantha is very similar to the relationship between the garuda and nāga in Buddhism.
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