The Aurios Mines
The Aurios Mines
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Mission location
Part of: The Jade Sea
Rhea's Crater
The Aurios Mines (Location)
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For information on the mission, see The Aurios Mines (mission).


Relics of a mysterious race, possibly an offshoot of the Deldrimor dwarves, have been uncovered in this productive jade mine. Though not as large or strategically vital as the enormous Jade Quarry, the Aurios Mines are of great importance to historians and scholars.

Getting there

You can travel here from either Leviathan Pits or Seafarer's Rest. From the Leviathan Pits, journey into Gyala Hatchery and then into Rhea's Crater along the north and then eastern wall. From Seafarer's Rest, travel north and east along the southeast wall.



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