The Catacombs
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Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Pre-Searing Ascalon
Ashford Abbey, Green Hills County,
Wizard's Folly
Catacombs map
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The Catacombs is a large area in pre-Searing Ascalon. They used to be the subterranean burial place belonging to Ashford Abbey, with a large network of hallways, caves, chambers, tombs and crypts. Since the Catacombs are now haunted by Undead in large numbers, they are no longer used as a crypt. Only the bravest dare to enter deep into this area of death and horror. The Catacombs are home to elaborate murals of all of the old Gods (Dwayna, Balthazar, Melandru, Lyssa and Grenth) that later appear in Ascalon City (Post-Searing).

Beware of poisonous Swamp Water in some areas of the Catacombs.

Being underground, this area does not show up on the world map, only the mission map.


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The Catacombs


  • This area does not re-appear in post-Searing, as all entrances are blocked. Presumably, the entire area has collapsed from the aftershocks of the destruction of the Searing.
  • There are dragon bones under the bridge near Karleen.
  • Although there are at least 2 statues of Grenth in the Catacombs, you cannot receive a blessing even if the world has Favor of the Gods.
  • There is a passage down the side the ruin Necromancer Munne stands in, this is the path to another entrance into the catacombs
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