The Falls
Temple of Balthazar in The Falls
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Maguuma Jungle
Reed Bog
The Falls map
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The Falls is the western-most explorable area in Tyria. It is heavily populated by Jungle Trolls, Jungle Skale and Wind Riders, but offers two of the most amazing waterfalls across three continents (points 2 and 3 on the map). Following the three-quarters elliptical path in the southern section you will encounter Dark Oak, and shortly after him, a grand temple with a Statue of Balthazar (point 1). Lucky adventurers might also find a Totem Axe or a Forgotten Fan dropping from Root Behemoths or Wind Riders (respectively) deeper in the zone.

The Falls is also the name of the interactive waterfall (point 2) that hides the entrance to Zinn's Secret Lair.


Explorable Areas

Getting there

Points of Interest

Balthazar Statue in The Falls

Statue of Balthazar in The Falls

The falls

The large waterfall on the west side of the map.







The Falls - Vanquished ( tips)

The Falls vanquished

  • This area adds approximately 1.8% to the Tyrian Cartographer Title.
  • This is the westernmost accessible point on the Tyrian continent.
  • Vanquishers you must defeat 278-328 monsters in this area.
    • The Root Behemoths are accompanied by a pop-up group of 3-4 Life Pods. You can sometimes kill the behemoths without activating the Life Pods if you have enough ranged damage; if not, focus on killing the Life Pods first.
    • The northwestern part of this area is populated by many groups of Wind Riders that can move very quickly in overlapping patrol routes. They will follow quite a long distance, so try to pull each group as far as possible to avoid being ambushed by a second group.
    • The western-most boss spawn is probably the most difficult part of this area. Besides the boss's group, there are two other groups of 8 Wind Riders that all move around in a very small space. If you move counterclockwise (see map) when clearing the northwest area, you will approach these groups from the north, where the terrain is much better suited to pulling than on the southern approach.
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