Note: This outpost is not the actual location of the Frost Gate, which can only be seen during the mission named "The Frost Gate".

The Frost Gate
The Frost Gate
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Mission location
Part of: Northern Shiverpeaks
Anvil Rock

For information on the mission, see The Frost Gate (mission).


The Frost Gate was built by the Deldrimor Dwarves as a way to protect their homes from invaders coming through Borlis Pass. When civil war broke out, the gate fell into the hands of the Stone Summit, a xenophobic group of Dwarven renegades who are trying to overthrow King Jalis Ironhammer. Now, no one gets through the pass unless the Summit allows it.

Getting there

Complete the Borlis Pass mission.

Alternatively, travel southeast from Ice Tooth Cave through Anvil Rock.




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