Guardsman Kinri's Location


Path to Corpse Thief Mang


  1. Go to Bukdek Byway and burn the diseased corpses.
  2. Investigate the corpse thefts and find out where the bodies are being taken.
  3. See Guardsman Kinri for your reward.

Obtained from

Guardsman Kinri in Shenzun Tunnels



"We burn the corpses of the diseased to prevent the sickness from spreading. Ordinarily, it is a simple operation... unpleasant, but simple. The bodies are left at Bukdek Byway, and we burn them at the pyre. Lately, though, there has been a rash of body thefts, and I am worried this could lead to an epidemic. Head over to Bukdek Byway and burn the corpses there. If any are missing, find out who has taken them and where they have gone."
Accept: "The safety and health of the people is of the upmost importance."
Reject: "That sounds repulsive. Deal with it yourself."
When asked about quest: "The diseased corpses at Bukdek Byway must be burned before they spread the plague further. Please head there immediately. If any corpses are missing, and I pray to Grenth they are not, you must find out what has happened to them."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Corpse Thief Mang: "I am just doing my job. Please do not hurt me!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Corpse Thief Mang)

"A man pays me to steal the bodies and deliver them. I do not ask questions, and I have no idea what foul things he does with them. Times are tough; hardly anyone offers work these days. People are fleeing the city, or worse.
I had no idea this could lead to an outbreak. I will stop immediately, but it will not stop my employer from finding a replacement. He is your real problem."

Reward Dialogue

"So someone is stealing the corpses? I was afraid of that. This is bad... Those diseased bodies are likely to spread the plague.
There is an abundance of human remains needing disposal. I could use your help."


Starting from Kaineng Center, enter into Bukdek Byway and follow the quest marker, you'll complete the first objective when you see Corpse Thief Mang. Speak to him to complete the second objective, then return to Guardsman Kinri for your reward. There is no combat associated with the quest except in traveling to Guardsman Kinri.

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