The Northlands
The Northlands
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Pre-Searing Ascalon
Lakeside County
The Northlands map
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The northern lands of Ascalon are no longer safe, as the Charr are always raiding and invading. The Great Northern Wall prevents them from penetrating the major cities of Ascalon south of the wall.

To reach this area, a party of two is required: one person to open the locked gate (which blocks the portal) and the other to pass through. It is impossible for one person to open the gate and then run through the portal before the doors close again.


Explorable areas






  • This is the only place where Charr Bags and Charr Salvage Kits are dropped. They are dropped only by the Charr bosses.
  • You can visit the pre-Searing version of Piken Square in this region (although it is not an outpost), towards the northwest.
  • Much of the area visited in The Great Northern Wall mission can be accessed here.
  • This is where the Charr altar that initiates The Searing resides.
  • There are several effigies that resemble Titans, one of which is visible on the bluff just behind Ben Wolfson.
  • Prior to an unspecified update, it was possible for a single player under the effect of a Birthday Cupcake to pull the locked gate lever and run through the opened gate before it closed.
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