Disambiguous This article is about the item named The Skill Eater. For the boss of the same name, see The Skill Eater.
The Skill Eater (focus)
The Skill Eater (focus)
Unique item details
Linked attribute(s):Spawning Power
Dropped by:The Skill Eater
Skin:Ceremonial Cauldron (dyed red)

The Skill Eater is a Unique Item dropped by The Skill Eater.


Weapon Stats

Focus Item


This item's stats can be fully replicated with the following:

  1. Either:
    1. A Ceremonial Cauldron from Shashi in Yatendi Canyons.
    2. An inscribable Ceremonial Cauldron crafted by Hadusi in Kodonur Crossroads or Tehshan in Barbarous Shore, or a PvP Ceremonial Cauldron upgraded with:
      1. A Perfect (10%) "Serenity Now" Inscription.
      2. A Perfect (+30) Focus Core of Fortitude.


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