The Thing That Pwns All
Species: Animal
Profession: Special
Level(s): infinity


The Thing That Pwns All is an animal boss that kills by biting the heads off it's enemies and processing them into hamburgers. These hamburgers are no ordinary hamburgers, however, but they contain a poison which is presumed to be some remnant of the Thing That Pwns All's digestive juices. This poison causes swelling of the breast, excessive vomiting, and the feeling of being repeatedly pwned.


  • Unknown
    • It is currently impossible to track the Thing That Pwns All, as it leaves no survivors when it attacks. It has never been found, although there are rumors that it has been seen near Bokka Amphitheatre, Nahpui Quarter, and Thunderhead Keep explorable.

Skills Used


  • The name 'Thing That Pwns All' is clearly a reference to the player Marin Bloodbane
  • Some say, that the reason it's name is a reference to Marin Bloodbane is because Marin created it and it now serves him. This has yet to be proven though.
  • It is thought to be the scource behind environmental effects.

Tips for beating it, should you have the misfortune of stumbling upon it's lair

Holy Hand Grenade

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