The Threat Grows

The Threat Grows.

  1. Travel to Kaitan Village on the Panjiang Peninsula.
  2. Destroy the sickened guards attacking Kaitan Village.
  3. See Sister Tai for your reward.

Obtained from

Soar Honorclaw in Aerie, the Angchu Tengu village located in Kinya Province.


Warning the Tengu



Preliminary Dialogue

"While you were away dealing with that plague creature, Ang the Ephemeral left a message for you. Apparently, several of your fellow students are visiting Kaitan Village on the Panjiang Peninsula, but Master Togo has sensed a growing threat in that area, and he believes that the students might be in mortal danger. He wants you to travel with all speed to Kaitan Village in the Panjiang Peninsula and help them deal with any threat."

Reward Dialogue

"It is so good to see you, <name>. Master Togo sent word that help was coming, and here you are. You arrived just in time."


Journey to the Master


Travel to Panjiang Peninsula and meet Sister Tai, Ako, Hakaru and Siyan in Kaitan Village. An easier way to get there is to map travel to Tsumei Village and just walk outside. As soon as you reach the quest marker, a group of four Sickened Guards (two Warriors and two Rangers) and two Sickened Scribes will attack. Kill them and speak to Sister Tai to complete the quest.


  • Sister Tai only uses Orison of Healing during this quest.
  • Occasionally the two level 20 Canthan guards who patrol the area will engage the sickened guards and will complete the quest without any additional aid.
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