The Ultimate
The Maneater
Unique Weapon details
Linked attribute:Special
Damage type:Special
Dropped by:???

A very unique item that can be used by any profession sufficiently. It has never appeared owned by a player and it has only been confirmed to exist by Gaile Gray.

Weapon stats



Requires 250++ Ghastly Stones to weild this weapon.


  • It uses the Crescent Staff skin dyed green.
  • This is the only item in the game that can be used by any and all profession.
  • It changes from a melee weapon to a ranged weapon depending on your attributes.
  • Any type of attack skill can be used with this item, including skills which require a shield.
  • If you have the same level of a caster attribute as a melee attribute it will be a ranged weapon, but you will automatically move into melee range if you try to use a melee skill.
  • This item changes attack speeds depending on your attribute points spread. It attacks only as fast as the slowest weapon you have attribute points in. For instance if you have 12 levels in Dagger Mastery, and 1 point in Scythe Mastery this item will attack with the speed of a scythe.
  • If you fulfill the requirement for a specific mod it will only apply once. I.E. if you have 9 Strength, and 9 Tactics you will still only get 16 armor and 30 health.
  • The damage caused by this weapon is random, and can sometimes ignore armor by causing chaos or dark damage.
  • The conditions that cause this item to drop have never been confirmed, but it is suspected that it is only dropped by Priests in Random Arena.