The Underworld
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Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Annihilation
Part of: The Rift
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The Underworld is the first PvP map in the Global Tournament. It is a simple annihilation map with 2 teams and no special features. The layout consists of each party's starting area (and starting location for their Ghostly Hero), and a set of bridges which lead from the group to a central area, and then off to an overlooking side plateau.

In the Underworld, each team has a Ghostly Hero which is for Morale Boost purposes only.


  • It used to be possible to skip this map when doing the Global Tournament. After an update, it is now mandatory that be the first map a team must face before they can continue to later maps.
  • The map is identical to the first explorable area in Tomb of the Primeval Kings.
  • The sides of the bridges in this map is bugged such that ranged damage gets obstructed when players decide to camp there. This makes rangers unable to interupt key skills and therefore is tactically beneficial for the midliners to use these spots.It also makes fire nukes and channeling less effective from the other team since it causes your team to spread out.
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