Tonics are a type of consumable that allows a player to change their form temporarily. All but two tonics are available in two versions: standard and "Everlasting" versions, the everlasting tonic having infinite uses and being distinguished by a sleeve on the icon bearing the infinity symbol.

Tonics can be acquired in a variety of ways, including as drops or festival prizes during special events, from opening Gifts of the Traveler, and from opening the Zaishen Chest. The Zaishen Chest is currently the only source of the the Beetle Juice Tonic and the everlasting versions of most festival tonics. It also features set of Zaishen-exclusive tonics available on a rotating monthly basis.

Types and availability

Gallery of forms

Monthly Zaishen Chest tonics

Month January February March April May June
Tonic Cerebral Tonic Searing Tonic Abyssal Tonic Unseen Tonic Phantasmal Tonic Automatonic
Form Asura Form effect
Asura Form
Charr Form effect
Charr Form
Abyssal Form effect
Abyssal Form
Mursaat Form effect
Mursaat Form
Rift Warden Form effect
Rift Warden Form
Golem Form effect
Golem Form
Month July August September October November December
Tonic Boreal Tonic Trapdoor Tonic Macabre Tonic Skeletonic Gelatinous Tonic Abominable Tonic
Form Norn Form effect
Norn Form
Spider Form effect
Spider Form
Awakened Head Form effect
Awakened Head Form
Hellhound Form effect
Hellhound Form
Ooze Form effect
Ooze Form
Yeti Form effect
Yeti Form

Other tonics

Tonic Transmogrifier Tonic Yuletide Tonic Mischievous Tonic Frosty Tonic Beetle Juice Tonic Sinister Automatonic Cottontail Tonic
Form Avatar of Sweetness effect
Avatar of Sweetness
Avatar of Holiday Cheer effect
Avatar of Holiday Cheer
Grentch Form
Snowman Form effect
Snowman Form
Beetle Metamorphosis effect
Beetle Metamorphosis
Sinister Golem Form effect
Sinister Golem Form
White Rabbit Form
Brown Rabbit Form

Note: Mysterious and Zaishen tonics have many forms, see their pages for details.


  • All single-use tonics add 2 points to the Party Animal title track, with two exceptions: Zaishen Tonics yield 3 points and Mysterious Tonics 5 points. The everlasting versions do not give any points.
  • Transmogrifier, Yuletide, and Zaishen Tonics (single or everlasting) are the only tonics that can be used in explorable areas. The rest may only be used in towns or outposts.
  • The lettering on tonics is white, except for Mysterious (gold) and everlasting (green).
  • After using the command /sit and then idling for a few seconds, some avatars will "play dead." Alternatively, some avatars will do this when movement or /stand is initiated while sitting.
  • The Oversized Tonic Warning applies to some large forms when approaching certain NPCs, and will change the forms into a more appropriate one.
  • The Transmogrifier tonic was required in order to complete the 2009 Halloween quest sequence that begins with Something Wicked This Way Comes.

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