Torment Claw
Torment Claw
Species: Demon
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 22, 24
Dragon Festival Torment Claw

A "Torment Claw" from Dragon Festival


Torment Claws are large claws jutting from the ground. They appear throughout Elona. They are immobile and yet have only melee attacks, so it's easy for anyone to take them out with ranged weapons. Melee characters beware: their attack, both basic and special is incredibly powerful. If a melee character decides to attack a claw, an interrupter can be a vital asset in making sure the claws cannot use their attack skills. Oddly for their size, Torment Claws CAN be knocked down.

Imitation Torment Claws appear during Canthan Dragon Festival's reenactment missions.


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