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  1. Defeat 5...0 more ancestral sprouts to cleanse the Ancestor Tree.
  2. See Mirza Veldrunner for your reward.

Obtained from

Mirza Veldrunner in Turai's Procession


Ancestral Anguish
Grand Court of Sebelkeh (mission)



"Ancestors help us! Nightfall has begun! The Ancestor Tree, once full of the wisdom and power of the ancients, is now evil's breeding ground! Vile demons spawn from her branches and fall to the earh like rotten fruit that poison our village. You must help us. Here, take these sacred roots. It is the sole uncorrupted limb. Purge these foul abominations from existence."
Accept: "We shall save your tree."
Reject: "I killed my last houseplant. Gardening isn't my forte, you dig?"

Reward Dialogue

"The Ancestor Tree is in a weakened state, but I no longer detect a foreign presence. Your acts of bravery have cemented your legacy among our pride. Thank you.
There is little to celebrate, however. Word travels that a terrible evil is headed our way from the north lands. Seek me when you are ready to continue."


Battle of Turai's Procession


Walk to the map marker to trigger the first wave of corrupted plants. Each wave consist of 4 Infectious Dementias, 3 Ancestral Buds, and 1 Corrupted Root; because of fairly powerful defensive skills the foes use, the fights will be tedious rather than dangerous. After defeating each wave, the next one will spawn nearby. They will usually not spawn in your aggro range and will not charge at your party which gives your party time to regenerate between waves and makes the battle even less dangerous.

As for defeating each group, always kill the Corrupted Root first, because they frequently use Corrupted Strength which can draw out the battle significantly.

Next, kill the Ancestral Buds. Most notably, they use Corrupted Healing, again only drawing out the battle. Ignore the Infectious Dementiae until the end, as they pose virtually no threat.


  • In the quest dialogue, Mirza asks you to use the Sacred Roots to cleanse the place. However, same as in the Ancestral Anguish quest, they are not needed.
  • There are quite often additional Kournan chests that spawn along with the corrupted plants.