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A Town is a type of staging area that includes NPCs who offer a full set of services (e.g. Merchants and Henchmen).

Regions rarely have more than one town and some do not have any (e.g. Ring of Fire Islands). Towns tend to supply local color, such as NPCs who don't serve a specific game function but offer history, gossip, or trivia related to the area.

When the game specifies that something works while in town, it also works in outposts.

Typical town services

World map appearance

Towns are annotated on the World Map (default key "M") using different icons in different campaigns:

CityIcon.png FactionsTownIcon.png NightfallTownIcon.png TormentTownIcon.png
Battle Isles
Cantha Elona Realm of Torment


  • Sometime the game/manual, and some players use town to mean any staging area (outpost, mission location, etc), although technically they are not the same.
  • Some towns have road signs marking sections of the town where NPCs offering similar services gather together.
  • Doomlore Shrine in Eye of the North is currently the only town without the full set of NPCs. Rather, it has an NPC setup similar to that of a mission outpost.

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