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Disambiguous This article is about the class of inventory items called "trophies". For the interactive objects commemorating the winners of GvG tournaments, see Championship Trophy.

The term trophy (or collectable drop) refers to a class of items that drop from foes.


In general, trophies:

  • Have a fixed merchant value.
  • Stack in the inventory.
  • Have no description in the inventory tooltip, other than the value.
  • Are dropped by all creatures of the same species within a region.
    • Sometimes, creatures of the same species may appear with different levels within the same region; often, the level difference will correspond to a different trophy drop.
  • Have one or more collectors who will give various items (including weapons, armor, and experience scrolls) in exchange for a certain number of trophies.
  • Can be salvaged in to one or more common crafting materials. Many trophies can also be expert salvaged into rare crafting materials.

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