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Uncharted Isle
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Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Guild Hall
Part of: The Battle Isles
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The Uncharted Isle is a Guild Hall, first introduced in Guild Wars Nightfall.


The layout of uncharted isles is very tactical. Teams can choose to go into a full frontal battle with the opponent, or sneak around the back way and take out the opponent's NPCs.


  • Archipelago theme, looks like Istan
  • Flag Stand
  • Front Gate
  • Rear Gate


Both teams start with several NPCs such as:

6 archers 2 footmen 2 knights 1 bodyguard 1 guild lord


If confident that the guild can deal damage and annihilate the opponent in a full front fight, then go out the front gate and head towards the opposition, as it is idyllic for a full front fight to the death.

Be wary of being killed while ganking as there is a path from the center area to the back path which may allow for gankers to be surrounded and killed.

Another issue is that the flag stand is so isolated and away from the center area where teams normally fight that runners run the risk of being ambushed far away from their team.

A wide open area separates the two bases on the Uncharted Isle. From this area, paths branch off from one side to the flag stand and, on the opposite side, lead to a narrow path connecting the back doors of each base. The rear path lies far enough away that a split team can elude Compass detection from the players out front. The path to the flag stand stretches teams out as well, increasing the need for effective communication.


  • This guild hall was originally released as the Flooded Isle, but this was changed in a later update.
  • There is a small hole outside of the Home Base's gate, which, if using a character that is the smallest of sizes, it can completely cover them. However, visibility is still an issue because of the minimap.
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