Except for the obvious differences (lack of skin, hair, a working circulatory system, etc.) the undead army are very much like any living human army. They have military ranks, a chain of command, and a set of marching orders. The bulk of the army is made up of once-live humans. However, there are tales that when this force marches into battle, the animated skeleton of a once-grand dragon marches with it.

There is much speculation about the undead of Tyria and what their goals might be. Many believe that they are the remnants of Orr, those lost souls who were so disturbed by the destruction of their home in the Cataclysm that they refuse to pass into the next life. Others believe there is a more sinister force motivating these creatures, a malevolent being who has raised the resting dead to do his bidding. Some even say this mysterious leader is a powerful lich lord who rules them all from behind the front lines. But most of this is just campfire tales and barroom gossip, for there is no one who lives today who can claim to have seen this creature in the flesh (so to speak).

Known Sub-Types

The undead army includes every creature in the skeleton, zombie, and awakened families, as well as a number of creatures from the ghost / phantom / wraith family and one creature from the elemental family.

Region Family Type Trophy
Prophecies Campaign
Pre-Searing Skeleton NA-icon-small3 Raging Cadaver
Warrior-icon-small1 Restless Corpse
Skeletal Limb
Kryta Ghost / Phantom / Wraith1 Mesmer-icon-small17 Wraith
Elementalist-icon-small17 Smoke Phantom
Decayed Orr Emblem
Zombie2 Warrior-icon-small11 Grasping Ghoul
Warrior-icon-small18 Executioner
Ranger-icon-small18 Bone Dragon
Ranger-icon-small24 Rotting Dragon
Monk-icon-small18 Damned Cleric
Necromancer-icon-small14 Zombie Warlock
Necromancer-icon-small18 Necrid Horseman
Necromancer-icon-small30 Rotscale1
Skeleton Warrior-icon-small16 Hellhound
Ranger-icon-small13 Skeleton Ranger
Ranger-icon-small17 Skeleton Bowmaster
Monk-icon-small12 Skeleton Monk
Mesmer-icon-small13 Skeleton Mesmer
Elementalist-icon-small13 Skeleton Sorcerer
Ring of Fire Islands Ghost1 Elementalist-icon-small24 Portal Wraith Decayed Orr Emblem
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Ghost / Phantom / Wraith1 Elementalist-icon-small15 Tomb Wraith Skeleton Bone
Skeleton Warrior-icon-small10 (24) Relentless Corpse
Necromancer-icon-small10 (24) Restless Dead
The Desolation Elemental1 Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Carven Effigy Mummy Wrappings
Awakened2 Warrior-icon-small24 (26) Awakened Blademaster
Ranger-icon-small24 (26) Awakened Gray Giant
Monk-icon-small24 (26) Awakened Acolyte
Necromancer-icon-small24 (26) Awakened Defiler
Mesmer-icon-small24 (26) Awakened Head
Mesmer-icon-small24 (26) Awakened Thought Leech
Paragon-icon-small24 (26) Awakened Cavalier
Dervish-icon-small24 (26) Awakened Dune Carver
Mummy Wrappings
Eye of the North Expansion
Far Shiverpeaks Ghost1 Elementalist-icon-small21, 22, 23 Shock Phantom  ?
Skeleton Monk-icon-small21, 23 Skeleton Priest
Mesmer-icon-small22, 23 Skeleton Illusionist
Elementalist-icon-small20, 21, 22 Skeleton Wizard
Undead Bone
Zombie2 Dervish-icon-small20 (26) Crypt Slasher
Warrior-icon-small20 (26) Crypt Ghoul
Depths of Tyria Zombie2 Warrior-icon-small28 Ancient Blademaster
Elementalist-icon-small28 Ancient Effigy
Paragon-icon-small28 Ancient Cavalier
Dervish-icon-small28 Ancient Tomb Carver
Dervish-icon-small24 Crypt Keeper
Warrior-icon-small24 Zombie Brute
Necromancer-icon-small23 Zombie Horseman
Necromancer-icon-small24 Zombie Necromancer
Monk-icon-small24 Chained Cleric
Warrior-icon-small20 Evil Corpse
Undead Bone
Necromancer-icon-small28 Decayed Dragon  ?
Skeleton Warrior-icon-small21-24 Skeletal Hound
Ranger-icon-small24 Skeleton Archer
Elementalist-icon-small24 Skeleton Wizard
Mesmer-icon-small24 Skeleton Illusionist
Monk-icon-small24 Skeleton Priest
Undead Bone
Ghost Ritualist-icon-small22, 23 Ash Phantom
Monk-icon-small21 Crypt Banshee
Mesmer-icon-small22 Crypt Wraith
Diessa Chalice
Necromancer-icon-small/Assassin-icon-small28 Restless Dead  ?
Realms of the Gods (Core)
Fissure of Woe Zombie2 Necromancer-icon-small30 Dragon Lich Dark Claw
Skeleton Army Warrior-icon-small24 Skeletal Berserker
Ranger-icon-small24 Skeletal Impaler
Monk-icon-small24 Skeletal Bond
Mesmer-icon-small24 Skeletal Ether Breaker
Elementalist-icon-small24 Skeletal Icehand
Umbral Skeletal Limb
  1. These creatures are not vulnerable to holy damage.
  2. These undead are fleshy creatures.

Hard mode levels are in brackets

Animated Undead
Name Level Skill Notes
Bone Fiend 1..18 Animate Bone Fiend ranged attack
Bone Horror 1..18 Animate Bone Horror
Aura of the Lich1
Malign Intervention2
Bone Minion 0..13 Animate Bone Minions one corpse produces 2 minions
Celestial Horror 25 Star Servant summoned rather than animated
party members gain 25 health and 3 energy each time it hits
Flesh Golem3 3..26 Animate Flesh Golem leaves an exploitable corpse
Shambling Horror 1..18 Animate Shambling Horror creates a Jagged Horror when it dies
Jagged Horror 0..16 Animate Shambling Horror2
Jagged Bones2
attacks inflict bleeding
Vampiric Horror 1..18 Animate Vampiric Horror whenever it deals damage, it heals its controller for an equal amount of health
Minion of Zoldark 20 Animate Undead only usable by Zoldark the Unholy
  1. This skill creates one minion, plus one more for each corpse within earshot.
  2. These skills create minions upon the death of the target creature rather than creating them immediately.
  3. This minion is a fleshy creature.

For a listing of known types of undead units see Category:Undead.

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