Unwaking Waters (Luxon)
Unwaking Waters (Luxon)
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Mission location
Part of: The Jade Sea
Silent Surf,
Unwaking Waters (explorable)

For information on the mission, see Unwaking Waters (mission).

For information on the explorable area Unwaking Waters, see Unwaking Waters (explorable).


Previously the site of a floating temple known as Kuan Jun, the Harvest Temple, the Unwaking Waters is an immense, frozen whirlpool. When the Jade Winds passed over Cantha and Kuan Jun sunk beneath the ocean's surface, the whirlpool was formed, and like everything else in the path of the winds, became solid jade. Legends say a powerful dragon was trapped within the temple and lives there still.

Getting there

Follow and complete the quest Journey to the Whirlpool to gain access. From Leviathan Pits, follow along the western edge of Silent Surf and travel south. There are a lot of roaming creatures in the area, so be cautious about pulling.



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