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Urgoz's Warren is an Elite Mission accessed from the Kurzick capital House zu Heltzer. This area is home to Urgoz, a forest guardian who is now corrupted and threatens all life in the Echovald Forest. The objective of this mission is to destroy him, by using your knowledge, skills, weapons, and other things at your disposal.

To Access this mission, see the Elite Mission article.

Mission Objective

  • Kill Urgoz. Simple, right? However, you have to go through trial and error to get to him.

General Area Description

Map of Urgoz's Warren

Urgoz's Warren (mission)

Much of Urgoz's Warren has the same look and feel as Echovald Forest, because it is managed, owned, and maintained by the Kurzicks. They have to make sure they get their troops up to speed to fight and kill those Luxons, of which so many call "Suxons". They only allow in 12 at a time into this Elite area. So if you plan to go, make sure you have a full party of twelve that can deal, heal and survive a lot of damage. If you do not have what it takes, you are some how returned back to the area that they call "outpost".

Sweeping is an absolute must. It is where you earn your wisdom and get rewards for cleaning out everything. Remember, it is wise to be patient and pull. Do not take a lot of groups, you will not survive. There are points where you will feel "exhausted". Take out all that you can, especially the nasty ugly twisted up trees. These trees, once dead, will enable you to feel "young" again. Don't worry about the locked gate, it'll open after you slay everything or at least the ugly serpants.

It may take a while to finish this mission, but it's not too bad with new ramps and full hero parties now available.

Area by Area Walkthrough

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