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Hi! Thanks for looking at my page. =)
Unfortunately for you, I've moved to the new guildwiki and no longer plan to be active here, so you better message me somewhere else.

Contests: I have entered the El Nazgir's contest about making your own Elite Skills and one of my skills was chosen as Honorable mention!

Character names brainstorm for GW2

(Let's hope we can have more letters in GW2)
Eaglemut Flame Eater
Eaglemut Gunmaker
Eaglemut The Earless
Eaglemut The Wise
Eaglemut Elemental
Eaglemut The Brainless
Eaglemut The Carebear
Eaglemut The WereCarebear
Eaglemut The Not Too Annoying
Eaglemut The Not Too Caring
Eaglemut The Not Too Brainless
Universal/Random names
Eaglemut The Master Of Nothingness
Eaglemut The Random
Eaglemut Kills You
Eaglemut Eats Brains For Lunch
Eaglemut Eats Brains On Mondays
Eaglemut The Wikiguy
Eaglemut Roasts You
Eaglemut The Name Stealer
Eaglemut The Name Eater
Eaglemut The Unnamed One
Eaglemut The Unnamed Oh Wait
Eaglemut Has No Name
Eaglemut The Wizard
Eaglemut And Nothing Else
Eaglemut The Name Brainstormer

Note: If you like some of them or they inspired you, feel free to use them. All of them are from my head and were not (at least intentionally) copied from someone else.

Something Boring about me

I bought GW at some time around May 2006 but I didn't have much time for it for the first few months so I actually started active play somewhere around August/September.Today I've got several accounts and Guild Wars is my favorite game. I am still playing quite actively and it seems like I won't stop til GW2 is out.

  • Wiki
    • This wiki is dead for me since the large reskin forced by wikia.
    • I can still be seen on other wikis though, namely the new guildwiki,GWW and GW2W
  • PC

Processor: 3GHz C2D
Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT
Mouse: Logitech G500
Keyboard: Logitech G15

System: Windows 7 64bit / Occasionally Windows XP 32bit (for older gamez)
Browser: Opera
The reason my PC is still working: NOD32

  • Guild

I am currently guildless.

  • What I do in GW

I have earned all item rewards from HoM so these days I just keep track of the Guild Wars Beyond events. I also somewhat play PvP when I feel like it. And last but not least, I use TexMod for the win!

Random thoughts/rants

If your current Internet browser crashes over nine thousand times a day or requires you to download over nine thousand add-ons which will only make it unstable and buggy or likes to eat up all your memory, you should consider downloading Opera which is so far the best browser from what I've tried.


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