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In-game progress

This is a page about my In-game progress, it should help me keep track of what I need to do, what I already did, and such...

  • I am currently working on the Hall of Monuments.

Hall of Monuments

Monument of Fellowship - Heroes and Pets

Heroes must have armor upgrades, excluding M.O.X..

Pets needed: none.

Hero Armors needed: 6 armors for EoTN heroes: Cloth of the Brotherhood or Deldrimor Armor Remnants.

Monument of Devotion - Minipets

Note: More minipets are currently not being collected.
Minipets needed:

The color of the ◄ ► encasing a group of minis indicates their text color.

Monument of Honor - Titles and Achievements

  • My Guild Hall Smells of Rich Mahogany (26 max titles)
Titles needed:
  • Savior of Kurzicks (11/12),
  • Hero (3/8),
  • Glad (2/3),
  • Codex (0/3),
  • Champion (0/3).
  • Drunkard (1/2),
  • Sweet (1/2),
  • Party (1/2),
  • Defender of Ascalon (level 14/20),
  • Gamer (2/3),
  • Survivor (0/3),
  • Treasure Hunter (4/7),
  • Wisdom (4/7),
  • Lucky (5/6),
  • Unlucky (5/7).

  • Achievements needed:
    • none

Monument of Valor - Destroyer and Tormented weapons

Destroyer Weapons Tormented Weapons

Monument of Resilience- Elite Armor Sets





Eye of the North:

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