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Hi! Thanks for looking at my page. =)
Check out one of the bugs I've found: (see the carrier and party panel, no timer also)

Epic JQ bug

Contests: I have entered the El Nazgir's contest about making your own Elite Skills and one of my skills was chosen as Honorable mention!

  • Random thoughts:

If your current Internet browser crashes over nine thousand times a day or requires you to download over nine thousand add-ons which will only make it unstable and buggy or likes to eat up all your memory, you should consider downloading Opera which is so far the best browser from what I've tried - and my requirements are not low.

Something Boring about me

I bought GW at some time around May 2006 but I didn't have much time for it for the first few months so I actually started active play somewhere around August/September.Today I've got 2 full accounts and Guild Wars is my favorite game.

  • Wiki

I will come from time to time and try to help as much as I can. The game itself has a higher priority tho :P

    • I also have a secondary account here, called User:EAGLEMUT.
    • Current Wiki tasks:
      • Trying to make useful contributions across all wikis.
  • PC

Processor: 3GHz C2D
Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT
Mouse: Logitech G500
Keyboard: Logitech G15

System: Windows 7 64bit / Occasionally Windows XP 32bit (for older gamez)
Browser: Opera
The reason my PC is still working: NOD32

  • Guild

I am currently a model officer in Import Models [mdel], a Kurzick guild.

  • What I do in GW

These days I am trying to max the last 4 titles I need, like Kurzick or Lucky, and I keep track of the Guild Wars Beyond events. In PvP I usually only play as a monk and do the ..umm.. "less hard" types of PvP matches (JQ,AB,RA..). I also use TexMod for the win!

  • Miscellaneous

Rotscale is my favorite monster in the game.


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