The Fire In Despair

Is a female Dervish whos weapon is the Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting, she wears Vabbian Armor that is dyed black and she can usually be found playing on Guild Wars through out the day.

Her favorite Heros include: Zhed Shadowhoof as a fire elementalist. Master of Whispers as a minion master or MM necromancer. Dunkoro or Tahlkora, Dunkoro as Healer and Tahlkora as Protector although they are both annoyingly stupid so I prefer to use both Hero monk and henchmen as monk. Vekk is also used at times as an Air elementalist but im debating on weather or not to make him a Water elementalist.

The Fire In Despair W/ Cape
The Fire In Despair with Cape

odd thing

Haha, so it seems to be that the account name I made said A Fire In Despair in stead of The Fire In Despair which is what I thought I had named my account so if your looking for me on Guild Wars as A Fire In Despair then you will probably find someone with that name just not me, my Guild Wars character is called The Fire In Despair. Lol just thought I would add this cause I only realized it now. I get the two mixed up because of my former characters name which was A Fire Inside so I accidently took the A from my first character and mixed it up so sorry for any problems with people trying to talk to me lol. Hope this cleared it up. Atleast every thing else was proper about my character lol.

I had put up a picture of the crown dyed gold but some people have taken it down multipule times because they don't think it belongs their. Others have posted pictures of the crown dyed in the assortment of colour all but dyed gold. I think it's unfair that my picture is being taken down when their is no crown dyed gold picture that was put up to replace mine - If you agree please write to me because I for one think this is wrong. I would have gladly stopped replacing it had the picture been replaced with another golden crown picture. Im posting the picture below if it gets taken off my own page than I know how much bull goes with this site.

Gold Crown
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