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Storyline Characters

Necromancer-icon Kythreenar Rythuala


"Death is all there is to life."

Level 20 Ascended Tyrian
Sorrow's Furnace
The Underworld
Mallyx the Unyielding

Mesmer-icon Silk Harpsong


"The road you travel is as dull as
you make it."

Level 20 Tyrian
Dunes of Despair
Welcome to Cantha
Venta Cemetery

Ritualist-icon Akri Tasema


"I see dead people... oh, right, I summoned them."

Level 20 Weh no Su Canthan
D'Alessio Seaboard
Sunjiang District
Consulate Docks

Elementalist-icon Wu Yung


"Can you ever have too much wealth?"

Level 20 Canthan
Report to the White Mantle
Nahpui Quarter
Sunspears in Cantha

Dervish-icon Anan Iwamu


"The Gods be willing."

Level 9 Elonian
Jokanur Diggings

Kaya-icon-0404-sm Aspirations

Ranger-icon Galen Blackwood


"Listen to your heart, but be wary of that dark corner."

Level 20 Ascended Elonian
Horde of Darkness

Assassin-icon Angel Netherborn


"Will this be the last?"

Level 18 Canthan
A Master's Burden

Paragon-icon Mira Sruya


"There is a potential for Good in everything."

Level 20 Hunted Elonian
Kodonur Crossroads


  • Locales
  • Characters
    • The females! Most especially Saidra, Devona, Eve, Kehanni, Jamei, and Cynn; in that order. Maybe Evennia, Nika, and Herta too.
    • Mhenlo, how did you, supposedly a Monk, be able to attract so many females?!
    • Devona, Aidan, Mhenlo, Eve, and Cynn were very nicely fleshed out for the first two campaigns. When Nightfall came out, glaring inconsistencies was an indication that the development teams had miscommunication; really disappointing for me:
      • Aidan's parents were murdered by Charr instead of where his mother died giving birth to him while crossing the Shiverpeaks to Ascalon. (Update: Apparently, they changed "parents" to "father" as of mid-August 2007 ^-^)
      • Aidan took on a darker, more vengeful personality instead of the original level-headed and wise persona.
      • There was not a single hint of the relationship that Cynn and Mhenlo had.
      • Mhenlo's Nightfall quotes contradicted themselves. One seems to suggest that Mhenlo came to Elona before Cantha, yet another implying that he saved Cantha before coming to Elona.
      • Devona lost the earlier impression of placing duty and loyalty above all else. Her quotes had a little too much battle lust and wisecracks.
      • Cynn feels... different. She feels wild and reckless rather than merely impulsive and hot-tempered.
      • Eve was the least affected (probably because she wasn't as well fleshed out previously), although her quotes used to have a better abstract feel to them.
      • Mhenlo's official lore on the website regarding his parents is in direct conflict with his Prophecies and Factions dialogue.
  • Stuff
    • The best looking armor is definitely the female Mesmer's Ascended Enchanter's Armor. *snicker* *silly grin*
    • Necromancers overall, have the best armor, both male and female.
    • Female ranger's dance and male necromancer's dance.
  • Monsters
    • I think the Afflicted looks really really cool!
    • The Margonites nicely convey that sense of horror and awe.

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  • Sad to say that my activities on GuildWars Wikia are now mostly limited to patrolling RC and monitoring those pages that I'm already watching.

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