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I think I undertand the GFDL thing, as basically allowing any of this info to be ported to ANet's wiki... but, surely there are broader implications. I invite anyone who can, to explain it to me a bit better. Another catch I'm not quite sure about is that the line under the edit window suggests that all contributions are copyright-released anyway?

Greetings and Salutations

How to put this succinctly... I feel somehow that I've snuck into the back office to help make decisions, but I ran into a couple things I could update and thought I could actually add something. I've jumped into this far more quickly than I'd have imagined and am still of the opinion that I don't know what I'm doing here. However, if I've managed to get this actually posted, I deserve at least a shot at it for being interested enough to try.

Actual info and layout

For now, I'm going to stick to this horridly bland and uninformative space until I can come up with some idea of what I want to do with it... I must say that some of the other User Pages out there made me a little daunted to start one up myself. Others that were no more than the GFDL release whispered to me that maybe-just-maybe I could pull this off.

Until Later shows up knocking on my doorstep with some kind of a plan, I'll try to catch up on how to use all these new-fangled gadgets like Talk pages. Can someone give me some help with that one too?

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Gratuitous Link and Bump

A link to my partner-in-crime Niima's page.

Help Request

Help request!

I could use a little help with adding a row to an existing table. The Harpy/Type table doesn't list the Skree Hatchling Ranger-icon-small2, that shows up in the Wilderness of Bahdza during Destroy the Harpies. I would have added it, but it dropped a Fledgling Skree Wing.

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