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Dear Wikia:

Due to continuous disagreements, disappointments and outrages over a period of time I feel that I can no longer in good faith contribute to any website hosted by Wikia. The individual wikis I have chosen to contribute to in the past have no involvement in my leaving and the blame rests solely in Wikia management of their hosted sites. Ever since the original purchase of GuildWars Wikia without the consent of any of its members to their constantly horrible community relations and the most recent fiasco that was shoved into the faces of the community with little advanced warning, Wikia has enforced their will with little concern to how the people that do the work and get the traffic for them react. This most recent outrage has either two rationale behind it; A, that Wikia is completely incompetent in the fields of community and financial management, I say this due to the complete disregard for objections and the suspicous call for more hosting funds after Wikia was able to afford to pay a large sum of money to buy this wiki from the original host, Or B that they do not need more money and simply want it out of greed. Which ever option is correct they both are situations which I will not participate in. This was the last straw. I wish the best of luck to all who remain here and to the future of GuildWars Wikia. I only wish that at some time in the future the situation will improve and I can stand to return to my favorite wiki.

If a need to contact me arises contact me here as I may check there occasionally.



About Me
Location:The barren lands north of Colorado
Description:Started playing about a year ago with a friend and have taken over her account since she quit. Play all campaigns/EotN and have beat each with at least one character. Used to do some HAing and occasional GvG before my guild broke up but I got sick of it... Mostly I spend my GW time in Random Arenas(the hardest PVP IMO, cant rely on anyone :/) and some messing around in PVE wasting time.

Current Projects


  • Random(vandal fighting, typos, spelling, etc.)
  • RC patrolling for interesting talk pages




Photoshopcs3 Aside from the ironically simple logo, this user loves Photoshop CS3.
North America 70x40 This user plays for the territory of North America.
Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Guild This user is a loner.
1 This user plays Campaign One,
Guild Wars Prophecies.
2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.
3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.
EYE This user plays the Expansion Eye Of The North.
GW2 This user will definitely play Guild Wars 2.
en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.
de-2 This user is able to contribute with a Intermediate level of German.
Copyleft This user's contributions are also released under the GFDL.
Wii This user has a Wii.
Wii But it was very disappointing.
Me It made this user sick.
PS3 So this user went back to the better Japanese console.
Elite This user doesn't like the English language, but is still disturbed by "l337 5P33K".
MissionIcon Prophecies is still the best!
Vampiric Swarm This user can never settle on a design, beware of spamming in recent changes.
File:Firefox pwns ie.png This user proudly uses Firefox, IE with tabs and built in search is just poor quality posing.
Firefox Besides, this user can't live without the extensions, spell check and adblock are unrivaled!
Resurrection Signet This user denies involvement in murders of players who failed to use a res.
Spirit Shackles These boxes have imprisoned this user.
Smite This user will never abandon smiting!.
Monitored This user is monitoring you.
Light of Dwayna This user believes that the man is keeping the smiting monks down.
Mark of Fury This user steals other's designs.
RT This user participated in RT's user box contest and all they got were these lousy RT points.

This page uses design elements from User:Rvngts page Many userboxes are also stolen but I'm to lazy to give credit :p

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