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Ok, I shall soon be doing my User page here. I will be showing my 8 characters so far and also be listing the Elite Skills that my best character has. I am from Sweden and therefore my english might not be the most perfect, but I manage :)

Also on this page will be shortcuts to my most used pages in GuildWiki.
For a start here's some: Collectable trading, Wanted Pages, Drop rates, Some builds

Location of Treasure Nearest Outpost and Map Type
Issnur Isles Beknur Harbor (map) Buried Treasure
Mehtani Keys Kodlonu Hamlet (map) Treasure Chest
Arkjok Ward Pogahn Passage (map) Buried Treasure
Jahai Bluffs Sunspear Sanctuary (map) Treasure Chest
Bahdok Caverns Moddok Crevice (map) Do Not Touch
The Mirror of Lyss The Kodash Bazaar (map) Buried Treasure
The Hidden City of Ahdashim Dasha Vestibule (map) Treasure Chest
Forum Highlands Tihark Orchard (map) Do Not Touch
The Ruptured Heart The Mouth of Torment (map) Buried Treasure
The Sulfurous Wastes Remains of Sahlahja (map) Treasure Chest
Domain of Pain Gate of Fear (map, map) Treasure Chest
Nightfallen Jahai Gate of Pain (map) Treasure Chest

Getting this table from User:GardBhey