Alucard pwns all

This is just so i can log in on this and not have my comments put in as annons.

My Characters

I have 5 Guildwars characters all of which are in Factions only. Yes I know I should buy Prophocies but I'm waiting on Nightfall right now, may be later I guess.

Assassin-icon-small/NA-icon-small Sojiro Seta x
My first character I created and the first I finished the game with. He is Assasin primary and I suffered for it but I now use thpractically nothing but hecnmen and heroes and they've proven to be smarter then PUGs. Right now I'm using the A/E solo build and have found it to be immense fun getting to watch all the yellow numbers (all thx to the guildwiki ^_^). Also I have gotten full Ancient armor for him and have beaten Nightfall which was very ironic so to speak; I played at Abbaddon's gate for 3 days trying to get a group that could kill him and never could and so i once again reverted to henchmen -> Master's like 14 minutes + 1 death.
Ranger-icon-small/Monk-icon-smallTokugawa Longbowman
He is my second character that made it through to stay (I had to experiment with classes when I started; alot got replaced). I'm very close to finishing the game right now, unwaking waters, and he is the only character i have 2 armor sets for: one for trapping one for barrage. I have taken this character through urgoz's waren though unsuccesful, i think its pretty good to get to the 7th room with 5 people.
If there are any Kurzick Rangers out there wanting to get the black moa easily just message me and I know how to by pass it so that you don't have to talk to the NPCs.
Necromancer-icon-small/Monk-icon-small Alucard is Rizen
this is my MM that i made just for fun, and what fun it is =). He was about the 5 character I tried and kept. Cantha beaten and about 1/4 of the way into nightfall.
Warrior-icon-small/Ritualist-icon-smallMasamune Incarnate
Tank, what else is there to say. Beaten Cantha so far, not into nightfall yet, busy making money at the moment
Ritualist-icon-small/Necromancer-icon-smallAncestral Shaman
Just made this character a week ago and already beat the game with him, Ritualist are awesome to play!! As soon as i get Prophecies this christmas i'll start the Rt/Me build and try some UW runs when we get favor.
Dervish I made for Nightfall; beat Nightfall in less than 2 weeks and got primeval armor. So far this character got me the most greens I've had, when the weekend green event ended I had gotten about 2 of each of the "good" nighfall greens.


I was bored one day and looked at the competition for GW and I found this hilarious comic that can apply to both GW or WoW

And i know it's WoW but it's awesome. =)
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