so i stole this page and edited it from gaile grays on wiki guild wars thing. i think that makes me quite the baddass Hello! I'm Gaile Gray CEO of Puh-lease inc. and this is my talk-page! It's a bit basic but i want androidgeoff o steal it.

  • Messaging: You can leave me some idiotic message anytime at: talk page. I will respond if i feel lik it.
  • Chatting: If you want to contact me ingame, i will most like respond with some expletive closely followed by "you".
  • Wiki sockpuppet alert: Sockpuppet yeah man
  • spmtimes i play: ok.

Ranger-icon-small Gaile Gray -- My main girl for visiting with players
Ranger-icon-small Wintersday Gaile -- Item bearer for my favourite holiday
Ranger-icon-small Holiday Gaile -- For Halloween and other holiday items
Mesmer-icon-small Windy Gaile -- Storage
Paragon-icon-small Dyekiesha Joie -- Storage for dyes and keys
Ritualist-icon-small Gaile Gray Cantha -- For visits requiring political neutrality :)
Assassin-icon-small Gaile Gray Luxons -- Turtles 'n' Pirates FTW
Ranger-icon-small Gaile Gray Kurzick -- Ah, love Echovald Forest
Paragon-icon-small Gaile Gray Elona -- Couldn't wait to make a Paragon
Elementalist-icon-small Gaile Warnings -- Storage girl
Monk Android:

Monk Android lol

Gildrimor The Hero:

Gildrimor The Hero lol

Servant Of Finality:

Servant Of Finality lol

Master Liam Howlett:

Master Liam Howlett lol

Richard Dix:

Richard Dix lol

Ed Simons:

Ed Simons lol

Master Liam Howlett:

Tom Rowlands lol

Sticky Ricky:

Sticky)Ricky lol


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