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Hi! I'm just a girl (and relative n00b) making a few contributions to GuildWiki where I can. Most of my edits will probably be proofreading and the like; that said, I'll contribute content where I can, in the unlikely event that better players haven't gotten there first. I'm usually in-game as:

Anne Albensi (Elementalist-icon-small.png),

Catherine Albensi (Assassin-icon-small.png)

or Alison Albensi (Ranger-icon-small.png).

I am a proud, if not terribly active, member of the Army of Fairies guild and alliance, and identify as lesbian. Feel free to PM me in-game in the unlikely event that you feel compelled to talk to me.

AnneA 00:55, February 23, 2010 (UTC)

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