One of these days I gotta figure out how to wikify a userpage. I'm not exactly computer-learned though. Anyone care to help? Any at all is accepted.-Screw it, like having a near blank userpage, its very stark and dull, far too bland to gain attention. Perfect

Thank you for all the help Falling One. Still haven't implemented anything yet, but I'm experimenting with all the different stuff, mostly just seeing what happens with pages on other wikis.-Time has passed, and yet i haven't done anything to my userpage. I have lost the desire to change it as well, as it gives me another level of anonymity to work with.

Hey, I've started playing GW again. Good for me... And yes, I started AGAIN. I've grown new found interest in Guild Wars, and I have gone back to my old ways of lurking the Wiki. However, in anticipation for GW2, i have a page there now.

I don't quite know what to do. Luckily...i stumbled into a guild that has a great pve alliance, and even owns a town I believe. Also, i found a good backup Guild called GanK or something, which supposedly is a a good GvG guild. Might have to do that some time.

Arc can't do much pvp, due to issues with hard drive, but, luckily, I have a 360, which is the main reason I stopped playing. Did you know that it is fun?-Old news, new harddrive is great, melee and hex stacking is fun, i just cant be asked to monk now.

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