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The Only Name That Matters: Bar Gamer
Location: Georgia, USA
Played: Prophesies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North


Bar Gamer: W/Mo
Sesame Sauce: E/Me, Nuker
Nucklebone Fortunes: N/*, SS, MM, Battery.
Soy Oil: Build:Rt/N Explosive Growth Minion Bomber

Claims to Fame

On May 19, 2006, my Explosive Creation Guide was accepted by GameAmp. On May 20, I posted up the same guide on GuildWarsGuru.

Personally, I like GWGuru better, because they let you update your guides, and edit your posts.

May 23- I joined the Explosive Creation discussion, helping bring the build closer to being vetted.

Come to think of it, I still don't know the real definition of 'vetted', only by context. I mean, they have a page on kiting, why not?

June 19- I went and fixed lots of typos as part of the Misspellings Project page.

Because I think typos are just hilarious.
On Feb 11-12, 2007, I did about 500 more. XO

June 21- Explosive Creation vetted! Yay!

Other Things I Do

Enter The Dream: Forum RPG that makes Yahoo Groups RPs look like... like playing Scrabble with your Mom's friends, when you could be playing Guild Wars, instead. ;)
PA#410: Bar Gamer My Elven Monk on above website.
Magic: The Gathering: 7th Edition and up.
Dungeons and Dragons: 3.0, 3.5

World of Warcraft: Khadgar server:
Thundermourn, 60 Arms/Fury Warrior, 300 Master Swordsmith
Slippeddisk, 40+ Orc Rogue, Elemental Leatherworker. Flip-flopping between Combat and Assassination.

Burning Crusade = LAME (Less Able to Make Effective.) BC is lame for the following reasons:
Blood Elves that are so gay, they make Michael Jackson look straight. And they SUCCESSFULLY pulled off the "I was Black, now I'm White" conversion.
Jewelrycrafting broke the market. Ores, and by extension Bars, and gems are so expensive on the AH now that a poor Blacksmith must now pay triple or quadruple for basic materials. He is forced to pass this cost along to his customers. Customers = NOT happy. And a Tradesman with no customers is just a channel-spammer.

LOTR Online Brandywine
BarGamer, lvl 50 Elven Champion

LOTRO = Lame, for the following reasons:
Farming = Everything you do. Legendaries, AKA Elite skills, suck. One of them was the equivalent of giving a pure Warrior class energy regen for enemy energy degen. SO USELESS.

Hellgate- London: US server
SoyOil, lvl 30+ Summoner
BarGamer, lvl X Mule

Hellgate = LAME, for the following reasons:
Bugs and broken items/skills/UI galore, nigh-total lack of ANY game information (in-box manual might as well be tissues), horrible class balancing, catastrophic management decisions regarding supposedly Subscriber-only Features, lack of respec options, and little to no moderation on the Official Forums. YET people are begging leniency because "Oh, WoW had it's problems too, and Guild Wars has changed a lot..." Um... Hallo? Aren't intelligent people supposed to learn from past mistakes? Flagship Studios' acronym might as well stand for: "For Stupidity's Sake."

WTF?? Is owned by Microsoft?? This is the third independent wiki I know of that's been Borg-ed so far. Not that I'm complaining, as such. I'm just saying. Whoa.

Things That Are NOT BarGamer

Corporal Jesse Bargamer of Company A


Personal sarcastic thread-killer comment: (Only used once so far)
"Factions/NF Professions Rule #1- Anything you can do, Core can do better."