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The Player

  • Native French Language
  • Solid English Understanding
  • From Canada
  • My guild is Kurzick

Played ~ 5000 hours

  • Rank 5 Terrifying Gladiator :D


In game characters names

11 Slots

  • Mesmer (F)

Name :Mlle Deloncour

Titles (People Know Me)

  • Elementalist (F)

Name :Adept Coralie

Titles (I Have Many Leather Bound Books)

  • Ranger (F)

Name :My Big Bow Is Big (7 Maxed titles)

  • Monk (F)

Saweet Shugga

Leet Gears

I have 4 Sets of Fow Armor : Elementalist, Mesmer, Monk, Paragon. 4 Tormented Weapons : Tactics Sheild, Tormented Protection Scepter, Tormented Protection Focus, Tormented Spear. And an armbrace I don't know what to do with xD.


You can often meet me in pvp in FA (Kurzick or Luxon) and RA. I do AB and HA also.

Other Characters

Ritualist (F) Candy Cane Sweety

2nd Monk (F) Chosen Of The Altar

Warrior (F) Dia Deme

Dervish (F) E M I L I E

Ranger (M) Koryu Blindshot

3rd Monk (F) Candy Goes Monk

Chloe L Archange (F) Paragon

Fake skills - Humor


File:"I Ate Onions!".jpg Link

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