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Gw766.jpg Been playing Guild Wars since June 2005 and had several accounts. Sold some, bought some just for the sake of creating new chars and playing through the PvE story. Couldn't bring myself to murder (delete) one ;) Kept 2 accounts at the end. When character slots became buyable my 2nd account became quite useless and has pretty much been idling since then. It is a storage now and I keep most stuff that may be of later use.

My favorite profession is Necro. I like to play Assa too but only in CM and AB, same with Dervish.

I've been doing many of the dye charts for items and a few maps here (my contribution to GuildWiki).


Lillian Lieblich
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Birchwooda Treehug
GW W Brichwooda Treehug.jpg
Lilly Lustlos
GW Mo Lilly Lustlos.jpg

Lucy Luft
GW N Lucy Luft.jpg
Ebi Tsuna
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Lillian Lametter
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Temari Ishutori
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Leta Valafar
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Oceania Starlighty
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+Dervish: Jango Jo Jo Me.

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Pyre sm.jpg Member of the Pyre Fan Club. Smarter than his daddy, and tougher too. Ascalon watch out!

My awesome drops from the Zaishen chest

  • soz, never got something awesome :/
  • current Zaishen rank: 4

Featured Builds

Alliance Battles

Savannah Ele:

Glyph of Lesser Energy Blinding Flash Mark of Rodgort Savannah Heat Meteor Mending Touch Flame Djinn's Haste Fire Attunement

Template Code Build: OgNDgjyMPIDuhvgsuLyrlVcB | Template Code Equipment: Pk5hnugwlSa8jVVRq4gzI90AjzI9AVirIzRRgjIBhhhjIDL

Death Horror Necro:

Malign Intervention Toxic Chill Vile Miasma Bitter Chill Verata's Gaze Mending Touch Holy Veil Soul Feast

Template Code Build: OANCUsxjeYPzzYhXh8aNBMA | Template Code Equipment: Pk5RiUyaUjeUoKSFyUMpnmyUMZHYRUEZNKBUEZYdxUEZYB

Minion Master:

Animate Bone Fiend Animate Shambling Horror Animate Bone Horror Blood of the Master Mystic Regeneration Dark Bond Infuse Condition Aura of the Lich

Template Code Build: OApkQUFsxuSDV4oOFwDsXFxiQOA | Template Code Equipment: Pk5hnWgwlSa0jyVNqQmiJ90UmiJ7ALinIfSJgiLphLmiIDL

Single Target Assa:

Leaping Mantis Sting Wild Strike Horns of the Ox Falling Spider Twisting Fangs Restful Breeze Mending Touch Aura of Displacement

Template Code Build: OwNk0YPSHPuz/z/lwUYIM7WedgB | Template Code Equipment: PkpxF38FzkqYl3I90Ul3IVFfonIXVPlnIDrblnIDLA

Mob Target Assa:

Fevered Dreams Shadow Walk Black Mantis Thrust Black Lotus Strike Black Spider Strike Twisting Fangs Dash Feigned Neutrality

Template Code Build: OwVkEQd83NqzNQODAXYkZE2EMND | Template Code Equipment: PkpxFfGGzkqYl3I90Ul3IXFhonIVVPlnIDrblnILFA

Lyssa's Fury Dervish:

Wearying Strike Signet of Malice Mystic Sweep Victorious Sweep Heart of Fury Mystic Vigor Avatar of Lyssa Faithful Intervention

Template Code Build: Ogeikys8EgZgMXor4+7GfLvA | Template Code Equipment: PkphQvU39kqOpXb90SpXb1GHppIxWVplIDrRplIDLA


Few of my faves.

"A single blooming flower trapped in a house of stinking men!"
- Aya about Tohru [Fruits Basket]

Teacher: "Now, take a good look at the microbes! See, paramecia are actually kind of cute!"
- [Kamichu]

"Do you know why snow is white? Because it's forgotten what color it once was."
- CC [Code Geass]

"I thought of her as a beautiful little bird. But in truth, she was a lion."
- Assassin about Saber [Fate/stay night]

Joey: "Wie ich Yugi kenne, ist es bestimmt ne Falle. Moment mal, Yugi kennt mich genau, er würde denken das ich denke das er eine Fallenkarte versteckt hat, aber vielleicht isses ja gar keine Falle, vielleicht ist es ja eine Monsterkarte... Aber was wenn er weiß das ich genau weiß was er denkt und es ist wirklich ne Falle... außer er weiß das ich weiß was er weiß was ich weiß... argh, vergiss es, ich greif einfach an."
- [Yu Gi Oh] rofl

"This land is made of love and peace."
- Vash [Trigun]

"Even bugs realize that you are at their level."
- Dortie to her brother [Orphen]

"Don't get normal people like me involved in your talent show of weirdos"
- Hughes to Colonel Mustang [Fullmetal Alchemist]

Chiriko: "What was that?! It sounded like a homo being strangled!"
Nuriko: "Well, EXCUSE ME for being gay!"
- [Fushigi Yuugi]

"Well, I don't normally fight with morons."
- Sano [Rurouni Kenshin]

"So Shippo, your village called, they said they were missing an idiot."
- Inuyasha [InuYasha]

Jaken: 'Lord Sesshomaru laughed! Something bad is about to happen.'
- [InuYasha]

Sousuke: "There was a "Do Not Enter" sign at the construction site, so I just set up a high voltage trap out of kindness."
- [Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu]

Chidori: "If you feel even a bit of pity for me, please die!"
- [Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu]

"Ich bin so stark! Stark und über alle Maßen schön! Oh Gott! Was für ein schweres Schicksal"
- Dark Schneider [Bastard]

"In battles between men there is one, unchanging rule. The ugly, macho guy absolutely can never defeat the smart, handsome popular main character! The minute you showed up with that face, your death was inevitable."
- Dark Schneider [Bastard]

Gendo: "Ultimately, the enemy of mankind is mankind."
- [NGE]

Kaji: "Well, I guess it just means love begins for no reason, but always ends for a reason."
- [NGE]

"At home, Master has a huge vibrator that's just like a drill!!"
- Ebichu

"Try something drastic and use that mini-sized brain of yours to think!"
- Suisei Seki [Rozen Maiden]

"I knew it! It's him, Zoro, the Pirate Hunter! He's cleaning our floors, that fiend!"
- Navyman in Navy-Headquarters [One Piece]

Amelia: "Do you think we're going to die?"
Zelgadis: "There's no way we're going to die here!... is what I'd like to say, but we should prepare to do it."
- [The Slayers]

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