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Total playing time - 4749 hours as of 12:10PM Tuesday, October 6, 2009. That's almost 3 hours a day, but really I just stand around a lot doing nothing while I'm working in RL

Guild - I belong to the Killer Clan Musketeers, a North American-based guild.

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Mrtva Je Zivota (Life Is Dead)

Necro with mes (for echo SS) or monk (for 55 SS) secondary. See below for a guide to using the 55 Necro build to rune farm Enchanted mobs in Skyward Reach and Vulture Drifts. Other common builds include blood spike and MM. Birthday in April. Titles completed

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Dizzy Arnez

Dervish, usually derv/x. Birthday in January.
Magic Stix - birthday between 7/3 and 7/8Elementalist, use air, fire, and water builds, usually dom mes secondary
Fin McHail - Birthday in December or January.Ranger, mainly a trapper helping toward Zaishen title.
Svedski Noz - Birthday in May.Assassin, usually defensive build.
Big Bullee - Birthday mid to late September. War, in Pre-Searing going for Defender title.
Ashsashs Allfaldown - Birthday in July. PVP ele, usually ele/sin solo cap build.
Malfunctioning Unit - Birthday in October or November. Ele in Pre-Searing, haven't started him yet.
Duppy Conkeror - Birthday in May. Monk in NF, haven't started him yet.

Arrostia Encephalon

PVP Mes, usually dom with ranger secondary. Birthday in mid to late September.

Branko Zadovoljan Ranger, my first character
Cailin Meahrbhallach PvE Mesmer
Maha Siddha PvE Warrior, birthday 7/18/05

Solo Farming

Guide to solo farming enchanted mobs in Skyward Reach and Vulture Drifts

This is a technique I use to solo enchanted swords/hammers/bows for runes in Vulture Drifts (via Dunes of Despair) and in Skyward Reach (via Augury Rock), using a normal N/Mo 55 build (I recommend bringing Purge Conditions if you can fit it on your skill bar). There seems to be no risk of getting an anti-farming flag if you do both areas (at least I haven't had the [Hint]] box pop up telling me I've been flagged, not sure if the code is even still in effect).

I tried ettin farming in Nebo Terrace, and not only is this faster (and more fun IMHO), but I'm positive that this results in more runes than the ettins. In Vulture Drifts, there are a total of 22-25 enchanted mobs to be killed; in Skyward Reach, there are eight (a total of 30 for those of you from Rio Lindo). I usually get at least 4 or 5 runes of some color, often more. If you only do enchanted mobs, the run takes about 45 minutes. I usually fill up inventory killing hydras after all the enchanted mobs or gone, so I figure on about an hour. I make about 5k per run not counting anything I get from high value runes/insignias.

Vulture Drifts

The first group you'll contend with has 4 mobs; the makeup varies. See below on tips for killing each group variation. If there are more than two hammers or bows in the group you probably want to zone back out and in to get a better "roll". After these, there are two pairs of two, then a group of three, then another group of 4. After killing these, you can either keep going straight to take out a group of three, or turn right, kill the griffons, and then there will be a group of four. Note that in Hard Mode, if the griffon boss Perchingbyrd spawns, the best way to kill him is to keep Insidious Parasite on him, and SS on the other griffon that's attacking. That way, SS won't suffer from the reduced duration on the boss. It will take a while but he'll eventually go down.
Where the griffins are there's a little path that goes between the dunes and leads out into the main part of the zone. If you follow this roughly northeast, you will eventually reach Skyward Reach. You will need to clear some more groups of griffons to get there, and possibly some Sand Elementals. If you have to fight those, just watch for Shock. Do not try to fight scarabs, the hydra group with the named boss, or sand giants (you should be able to easily steer clear of all these).

Skyward Reach

Zone into Skyward Reach from Augury Rock, and put on your enchantments. Just in front of you will be one enchanted mob; not far past him will be another single enchanted mob. You can also kill the lone hydra and activate the portal if you wish. After these are gone, run to the east/southeast away from the Arid Sea zonein. You will soon see two single enchanted mobs, and there will be a group of three walking away. If you go a bit further, another group of three will show up and will start walking toward you. These will be the next mobs that you want to take out, then either the single mobs or the other group of three. Watch out for 2-3 hydras that will approach. After you kill these, you can either kill more hydras to fill up your inventory, otherwise you're done.

Tip On Killing Hammers

Hammers use Counter Blow (CB), which will knock you down but only if you're attacking, and in hard mode they use Backbreaker, which knocks you down for 3 seconds. Advice: concentrate on killing one at a time; put SS and IP on him and attack so that he uses Counter Blow. In hard mode he will be dead by the time your first cast of PS runs out. In normal mode you may need to recast PS once, but just make sure to do it soon after he uses CB. If there is more than one hammer, target the next one but don't attack until you've got SS and IP on him again.

Tips on Killing Bows

Enchanted Bows are the most challenging of the three. They nearly always start by casting Marksmans Wager, and immediately follow this with either Penetrating Atack or Debilitating Shot (HM only). They also use Concussion Shot if you give them the chance. The strategy for killing them differs depending on if there is just a solo mob, or if there is one in a group.

Solo Mob
Take off Mending. You need two pips of energy to help offset Debilitating Shot, and they will almost always use Concussion if you try to get Breeze off, so health gain will depend entirely on IP. Ideally you want to cast SS without aggroing him. then cast PS on yourself while he's casting Marksmans Wager. Make SURE he is within attacking range, wait for him to start using a skill, then cast IP on him. If you do it this way, he will usually be dead before your PS runs out. If you want to be safe, recast PS as soon as your energy gets back above 10.

In A Group
Try to get SS off on the bow before anything else aggros you. If you're able to do that, the strategy above should still work, If not, then just cast Breeze and PS on yourself, attack him, and when he's in range just cast IP on him (don't try using SS or he'll Concuss you). You will have to cast IP on him once more during the fight, but shouldn't be too tough.

If you somehow get dazed by Concussion, and you brought Purge Conditions (as I recommended) or other removal skill, give it a shot but chances are you'll get interrupted. If so, or if you didn't bring any removal skill, run away as fast as possible, cast PS when you have to and hope it works, as by the time that wears off you should no longer be dazed (or you can just lay down and die and try again).

Priority of group targets

Bow, Hammer, Sword: Kill the Hammer first; try to get SS on him before you get aggro'd, then cast PS on yourself, then IP on him, and hope you don't get dazed. Be sure to attack him so that he uses Counter Blow, and he'll be dead before your PS runs out. Then kill the Bow using just IP on him and PS on you; don't try to use SS or Breeze. Finish with the sword.
Hammer, Hammer, Sword: SS one of the Hammers, then PS yourself, then IP the same hammer. Attack him so that he uses Counter Blow. Once he's dead, target the next one and just IP him when you're not knocked down. Finish with the sword. Note same strategy if there's three hammers in the group, though that rarely happens.

55 Nec Build

In case you need the basics of a 55 Nec build, it requires armor with all superior runes (you need one blood magic and one curses, others don't matter). For true 55, you also need the -50hp quest reward from the Cities of Ascalon quest; however, lowering hp to 85 (via other -HP upgrades), or from death penalty works just as well if you don't have the quest reward). With practice, you can usually even do this with 105hp.
I put 9 points into both Healing Prayers and Protection Prayers, 2 points into Blood Magic, and the rest into Curses (Blood Magic points are necessary to get the energy bonus from the quest reward item). Skill bar is:
Maintained Enchantments: Mending, Essence Bond, and Balthazar's Aura - mandatory
Damage Skills: Insidious Parasite and Spiteful Spirit - mandatory
Enchantment: Protective Spirit- mandatory
Enchantment: Healing Breeze - optional
Condition Removal: Purge Conditions - optional
Basically you just load up the enchantments, and EB and BA will supply you with energy. SS and IP will do the killing and most of the healing, and PS will keep damage low enough (since you have 55 total HP) that Mending and IP (and optionally Breeze) will keep you alive. Takes practice, you'll die a bit at first, but you'll be soloing and earning great $$ in no time. Enjoy!


Ok This is the setup that I personally run CoF with, Billiard you notice quite a bit of difference on the smiter than the one i put up for you on the aOa forums.

This is my brief Catherdal Guide, Ask questions if you have any.

This is the 600 Tank Setup that i run 100% of the time

Monk / Mesmer 

3 Inspiration Magic 12 Protection Prayers 12 Divine Favor

Core Spell Breaker45115Elite Enchantment Spell. For 15 seconds, enemy Spells targeted against target ally fail. (Attrib: 12 Divine Favor) Target ally gets healed for 38 Health.

Core Protective Spirit5¼10Enchantment Spell. For 19 seconds, target ally cannot lose more than 10% max Health due to damage from a single attack or Spell. (Attrib: 12 Protection Prayers) Target ally gets healed for 38 Health.

Factions Spirit Bond2¼10Enchantment Spell. For 8 seconds, whenever target ally takes more than 60 damage from the next 10 attacks or Spells, that ally is healed for 88 Health. (Attrib: 12 Protection Prayers) Target ally gets healed for 38 Health.

Nightfall Shield of Absorption1015Enchantment Spell. For 6 seconds, damage received by target ally is reduced by 5 each time that ally is hit while under the effects of this Enchantment. (Attrib: 12 Protection Prayers) Target ally gets healed for 38 Health.

Core Mantra of Resolve2010Stance. For 42 seconds, you cannot be interrupted, but each time you would have been interrupted, you lose 9 Energy or Mantra of Resolve ends. (Attrib: 3 Inspiration Magic)

EotN PvE only Light of Deldrimor20¾5Spell. All foes in the area are struck for 40..80 holy damage. The location of hidden objects are briefly indicated on your Compass. Any hidden objects in the area are revealed. (Attrib: Deldrimor rank)

Prophecies Essence Bond210-1Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this Enchantment, whenever target ally takes physical or elemental damage, you gain 1 Energy. Target ally gets healed for 38 Health.

Prophecies Blessed Aura2210-1Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this Enchantment, Monk Enchantments you cast last 30% longer. (Attrib: 12 Divine Favor) You get healed for 38 Health.


All Armor Must be AL 15(Ie. Cheap nub gear) dont go wearin your 15k or you will die very very fast.

Head: Survivor/Major Prot Head(use NF head for +1 prot headpiece) Chest: Survivor/Minor Divine Hands: Survivor/attunement Legs: Survivor/attunement Feet: Survivor/Superior Vigor

Usage:Before Aggro'ing your group Precast Spellbreaker Only if it is a group of Casters, if you are aggro'ing a group of undead casters and you have a LONG recharge on spellbreaker, activate Mantra of Resolve, pre-cast prot spirit, spirit bond, and SoA (because they can and will interrupt the unprepared), watch your energy, and maintain your bond, it will disappear fast.

If you are gonna go face to face with the Charr, always start with Spell Breaker, as soon as Spellbreaker is up charge in, Just before you get hit, throw up Mantra of Resolve, Prot Spirit, Spirit Bond, and SoA(you will already be in aggro at this time).

When you are getting ready to Face off with the Enchanteds throw up Mantra of Resolve, Prot Spirit, and Spirit Bond before you aggro, as soon as you aggro and they come a runnin at you, immediately cast SoA, as soon as SoA is down, Bond will have dropped, put bond up again. Do not re-apply Spirit Bond until SoA starts to blink, once it starts to blink, kick on Spirit Bond one final time, by the time your about 1-2 hits away from losing Spirit bond the Enchanteds will have fallen.

Using LoD while Fighting: Simple Enough, make sure your Smiter is still in Range to hold the Smites, move to the Middle of the group, BAM LoD, usually once per fight because the fights go fast.

Tips for: The Keeper/The Master

Both of these are done exactly the same.

Move Just out of Range(aka DONT AGGRO)

throw up SpellBreaker, and Mantra of Resolve

Move in a tad closer(Still Not Aggro'd) and throw up Prot Spirit, and Spirit Bond

Balls DEEP!!!! Aggro, Just before you get hit Kick on SoA

As soon as SoA is on, run up to The Keeper/The Master, Re-apply Spirit Bond, and trigger LoD

Re-Apply Spirit Bond, 4 hits later their down.

You can do the Same for Vraxx the Condemned.

If you have any Trouble with the Mender at the Ele Boss just before Vraxx, kill everything,and when the Mender Remains, open the dungeon Lock, and move down the Ramp to Aggro Vraxx, then Run back up to the Mender, Vraxx and his warrior buddies will drop the mender for you.

Tips for: Spiders

Fight Like Normal but Watch your Energy, if you drop to zero Mantra will fall, and you WILL be interrupted.

Just Time your spells properly, give a few hits between castings to regain energy for the next round of interrupts.

Tips for: Enchanted

No Spell Breaker Necessary here at all.

Prot Spirit, Spirit Bond, Charge in, Mantra of Resolve, SoA, Re-apply Spirit Bond after it falls the first time, then not again until SoA is about to wear off.

Tips for: Murakai

This is a Very Very Easy Fight, Maintain Spell Breaker as often as you can(her spells dont do anything major, and her summons are no big worry) Spell Breaker is used to prevent Murakai's Consumption which fills up her Meter at the top, if this Meter fills she will nuke the whole area for wicked damage, and disease everyone.

The Fastest way to kill her is to Clear Both Left and Right sides before aggro'ing.

After Cleared move to the right side, Move Just out of Range Then proceed like this

1. Spell Breaker

2. Prot Spirit

3. Spirit Bond

Then Run past her, stay to the inside(ie. run along the lava rim to your left(the HeartShaped Pattern on the minimap)) and keep runnin, once you pass the Lava Spout, turn around so you can walk backwards and watch her. When she moves ontop of, or really close to the Spout, run towards her to keep her from running away. If she Runs away, move back into aggro, rinse and repeat until she stand and burns like the dirty dirty girl she is. While you are Kiting her onto the Lava Spout, remember to maintain your enchants.

You will not need Mantra for this Fight. Use LoD when it is ready, i prefer to use it each time she summons her minions.

This is the Paragon Smiter Variant that i use.

Monk / Paragon 

10 Smiting Prayers 10 Protection Prayers 11 Divine Favor

Nightfall Cautery Signet152Elite Signet. All party members lose all Conditions. You are set on Fire for 1 second for each Condition removed in this way.

Core Signet of Devotion52Signet. Heal target ally for 77 Health. (Attrib: 11 Divine Favor)

Core Purge Signet202Signet. Remove all Hexes and Conditions from target ally. You lose 10 Energy for each Hex and each Condition removed.

Core Rebirth510Spell. Resurrect target party member. Target party member is returned to life with 25% Health and zero Energy, and is teleported to your current location. All of target's skills are disabled for 5 seconds. This Spell consumes all of your remaining Energy. (Attrib: 10 Protection Prayers)

Core Retribution210-1Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this Enchantment, whenever target ally takes attack damage, this Spell deals 33% of the damage back to the source (maximum 15 damage). (Attrib: 10 Smiting Prayers) Target ally gets healed for 35 Health.

Prophecies Holy Wrath210-1Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this Enchantment, whenever target ally takes attack damage, this Spell deals 66% of the damage back to the source (maximum of 35 damage), and you lose 10 Energy. (Attrib: 10 Smiting Prayers) Target ally gets healed for 35 Health.

Prophecies Balthazar's Spirit210-1Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this Enchantment, target ally gains adrenaline and Energy after taking damage. (The amount of adrenaline gained increases depending on your rank in Smiting Prayers.) (Attrib: 10 Smiting Prayers) Target ally gets healed for 35 Health.

Prophecies Vital Blessing2¾10-1Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this Enchantment, target ally has +147 maximum Health. (Attrib: 10 Protection Prayers) Target ally gets healed for 35 Health.


All Armor Must be AL 60(this char needs to not get hurt if something ever hits it)

Head: Radiant/Superior Smiting on a Smiting Head Piece Chest: Survivor/Superior Prot Hands: Radiant/Superior Divine Favor Legs: Survivor/Vitae Feet: Radiant/Superior Vigor

The Weapon my Hero uses is Elemental Sword of Fortitude With a +5e Inscription, With a +30 Hp Offhand Focus

When using the Paragon hero you will never need to worry about energy because this hero lives at 0 energy the whole run.


Apply Smites at the entrance to each new level.

use Cautery Signet near the end of each fight so the tank can move as soon as the fight is done.

When fighting Caster Groups, use cautery signet as soon as the cripplers are dead(they are always the first to die)

Purge Signet is not for your Burning, rather to strips the Hexes off of the Tank when they get messed up real bad. (usually only happens when taking care of Murakai's Steward)

other than that keep yourself in range of the tank so they dont lose the smites(if using hero, flag as necessary)

Make sure you Disable All Maintained enchants on the smiter otherwise they will remove them from you.

thats the Murakai run in a nutshell

If you want to see the run done, and want pointers on certain areas, i am always running CoF. Look for Fear My Pimp Hand

I have all the necessary Setups to run whatever build you want. (ie. If you want to Tank i can go BiP, or Cautery, if you want to Smite, i can configure my tanking setup for BiP or Cautery) otherwise i run a hero, and you can watch the patterns of pulling, and bond recasting.

Most Effective Damage Types

This is a list of what type of damage works best vs. various types of creatures.

SPECIES LOW DMG AVERAGE DMG HIGH DMG Kuskale - Cold Plant Cold Kournan Cold Veldt Termite Cold Corsair Cold Links

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