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Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Europe 70x40 This user plays for the territory of Europe.
EN=F This user knows that Entropy is a girl.
Bleeding This user does NOT like emos.
Godspeed This user is a COWARD.
Channeled Strike This user fears the Fish Thingy.
Icy Shackles This user is so madly 1337 he can WALK ON WATER .
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Moar of This Please

Hey...This is Caramel Ni's page...

[[1]] User:Caramel Ni/funnies

Okay Welcome to My Page! I really don't know anything about Wiki code...(though I do know HTML + mIRC scripts+ other codes) so my page is basically going to suck for now...BUT as soon as i get some help tis gonna get off da hizzy(=p).

Btw, I am going to get a build past Solus...just so everyone knows...and D.E.... We shall see... >.<

My characters right now are...

Caramel Ni Level: 20 Paragon/Varies(Usually Ranger, Monk, Dervish, or Assasin) Armour: Oh god my armour is so bad...the SHAME of it...I'm still using Consulate Docks armour...(im poor.) Builds: Dervish thumper Custom build I came up with...people dont like it but I think its good...

Seymour Phoenix Level: 20 Warrior/Mesmer Armour: Knight's Builds: None really...just sorta change and choose whatever I feel soon as I get ascended hes gettin W/Mo

Builds I've Made(being vetted or passed):

  • [Build:R/Rt Oath Spirit Spam]
  • [Build:E/A Solo Shadow Nuker]
Newbie Noob/nub/etc
Warrior-icon-small Has never been taught Assassin-icon-small Refuses to learn
Monk-icon-small Listens to opinions of the more experienced, and decides on their own Necromancer-icon-small Ignores the more experienced, or follows blindly the advice of others.
Elementalist-icon-small Avoids those who exclude Mesmer-icon-small Becomes one who excludes
Ranger-icon-small is willing to help Ritualist-icon-small is willing to bill you for it
Paragon-icon-small Temporary Dervish-icon-small Terminal

Elite skills(lawl get ready to laugh

Gr Assassin&#039;s Promise Gr Assault Enchantments Aura of Displacement Gr Beguiling Haze Gr Dark Apostasy Gr Animate Flesh Golem Gr Aura of the Lich Gr Blood is Power Gr Contagion Gr Corrupt Enchantment

Gr Flashing Blades Gr Fox&#039;s Promise Gr Golden Skull Strike Gr Hidden Caltrops Locust&#039;s Fury Gr Cultist&#039;s Fervor Gr Depravity Gr Discord Gr Feast of Corruption Gr Grenth&#039;s Balance

Gr Mark of Insecurity Moebius Strike Palm Strike Gr Seeping Wound Gr Shadow Form Gr Icy Veins Gr Jagged Bones Life Transfer Gr Lingering Curse Offering of Blood

Gr Shadow Meld Shadow Prison Gr Shadow Shroud Gr Shattering Assault Gr Shroud of Silence Gr Order of Apostasy Gr Order of the Vampire Gr Order of Undeath Gr Pain of Disenchantment Plague Signet

Gr Siphon Strength Gr Temple Strike Gr Wastrel&#039;s Collapse Gr Way of the Assassin Gr Way of the Empty Palm Gr Ravenous Gaze Gr Reaper&#039;s Mark Gr Signet of Suffering Gr Soul Bind Gr Soul Leech

Gr Arcane Zeal Gr Avatar of Balthazar Gr Avatar of Dwayna Gr Avatar of Grenth Avatar of Lyssa Spiteful Spirit Gr Spoil Victor Gr Tainted Flesh Gr Toxic Chill Gr Vampiric Spirit

Avatar of Melandru Ebon Dust Aura Gr Grenth&#039;s Grasp Gr Onslaught Gr Pious Renewal Gr Virulence Gr Wail of Doom Gr Weaken Knees Gr Well of Power Gr Wither

Reaper&#039;s Sweep Gr Vow of Silence Gr Vow of Strength Wounding Strike Gr Zealous Vow Gr Angelic Bond Anthem of Fury Gr Anthem of Guidance Cautery Signet Gr Crippling Anthem

Gr Blinding Surge Gr Double Dragon Gr Elemental Attunement Gr Energy Boon Gr Ether Prism Cruel Spear Defensive Anthem Gr Focused Anger &quot;Incoming!&quot; Gr &quot;It&#039;s just a flesh wound.&quot;

Gr Ether Prodigy Gr Ether Renewal Gr Glimmering Mark Gr Glyph of Energy Gr Glyph of Renewal Soldier&#039;s Fury Gr Song of Purification Gr Song of Restoration Gr Stunning Strike Gr &quot;The Power Is Yours!&quot;

Gr Gust Icy Shackles Gr Invoke Lightning Lightning Surge Gr Master of Magic Gr Archer&#039;s Signet Barrage Gr Broad Head Arrow Gr Burning Arrow Gr Crippling Shot

Gr Mind Blast Gr Mind Burn Gr Mind Freeze Gr Mind Shock Gr Mirror of Ice Gr Enraged Lunge Gr Equinox Escape Gr Expert&#039;s Dexterity Gr Famine

Gr Mist Form Gr Obsidian Flesh Gr Ride the Lightning Sandstorm Savannah Heat Gr Ferocious Strike Gr Glass Arrows Gr Greater Conflagration Gr Heal as One Gr Incendiary Arrows

Searing Flames Gr Second Wind Shatterstone Gr Shockwave Gr Star Burst Gr Infuriating Heat Gr Lacerate Magebane Shot Gr Marksman&#039;s Wager Gr Melandru&#039;s Arrows

Gr Stone Sheath Gr Thunderclap Gr Unsteady Ground Gr Ward Against Harm Gr Water Trident Gr Melandru&#039;s Resilience Gr Melandru&#039;s Shot Oath Shot Gr Poison Arrow Gr Practiced Stance

Gr Air of Enchantment Gr Amity Gr Aura of Faith Gr Balthazar&#039;s Pendulum Gr Blessed Light Gr Prepared Shot Gr Punishing Shot Gr Quicksand Quick Shot Rampage as One

Gr Boon Signet Gr Defender&#039;s Zeal Divert Hexes Gr Empathic Removal Glimmer of Light Gr Scavenger&#039;s Focus Gr Smoke Trap Gr Spike Trap Strike as One Gr Trapper&#039;s Focus

Healer&#039;s Boon Gr Healer&#039;s Covenant Gr Healing Burst Gr Healing Hands Gr Healing Light Gr Attuned Was Songkai Caretaker&#039;s Charge Gr Clamor of Souls Gr Consume Soul Gr Defiant Was Xinrae

Gr Life Barrier Gr Life Sheath Light of Deliverance Gr Mark of Protection Gr Martyr Gr Destructive was Glaive Gr Grasping Was Kuurong Gr Offering of Spirit Gr Preservation Gr Reclaim Essence

Gr Peace and Harmony Ray of Judgment Gr Restore Condition Gr Scribe&#039;s Insight Gr Shield of Deflection Ritual Lord Gr Signet of Ghostly Might Gr Signet of Spirits Gr Soul Twisting Gr Spirit Channeling

Gr Shield of Judgment Shield of Regeneration Signet of Judgment Gr Signet of Removal Gr Spell Breaker Gr Spirit Light Weapon Gr Spirit&#039;s Strength Gr Tranquil Was Tanasen Gr Vengeful Was Khanhei Wanderlust

Gr Unyielding Aura Gr Withdraw Hexes Gr Word of Censure Word of Healing Zealous Benediction Gr Weapon of Fury Gr Weapon of Quickening Gr Weapon of Remedy Gr Wielder&#039;s Zeal Gr Xinrae&#039;s Weapon

Gr Air of Disenchantment Gr Arcane Languor Gr Crippling Anguish Echo Enchanter&#039;s Conundrum Gr Auspicious Parry Gr Backbreaker Gr Battle Rage Gr Bull&#039;s Charge &quot;Charge!&quot;

Gr Energy Drain Energy Surge Gr Expel Hexes Gr Extend Conditions Fevered Dreams Gr Charging Strike Cleave Gr &quot;Coward!&quot; Gr Crippling Slash Gr Decapitate

Gr Hex Eater Vortex Illusionary Weaponry Gr Ineptitude Gr Keystone Signet Gr Lyssa&#039;s Aura Gr Defy Pain Gr Devastating Hammer Gr Dragon Slash Gr Dwarven Battle Stance Gr Earth Shaker

Gr Mantra of Recall Mantra of Recovery Gr Migraine Gr Panic Gr Power Block Gr Enraged Smash Gr Eviscerate Gr Flourish Gr Forceful Blow Gr Gladiator&#039;s Defense

Gr Power Flux Gr Power Leech Gr Psychic Distraction Gr Psychic Instability Gr Recurring Insecurity Gr Headbutt Gr Hundred Blades Gr Magehunter&#039;s Smash Gr Magehunter Strike Gr Primal Rage

Gr Shared Burden Gr Shatter Storm Gr Signet of Midnight Gr Signet of Illusions Gr Simple Thievery Gr Quivering Blade Gr Rage of the Ntouka Gr Shove Gr Skull Crack Gr Soldier&#039;s Stance

Gr Stolen Speed Gr Symbols of Inspiration Gr Tease Gr Visions of Regret Gr Steady Stance Triple Chop Gr &quot;Victory is Mine!&quot; Gr Warrior&#039;s Endurance Gr Whirling Axe &quot;You&#039;re All Alone!&quot;

<img src=""> You scored as Warrior. The Guild Wars profession that best fits you is the Warrior profession. In game, you like to take the hits and deal a lot of the damage. You are the strongest of all the professions, but only if you are wise. You're very brave and aren't afraid of anything. You are both independent and dependent on other party members. If someone gets you mad, you won't hesitate to take out your hammer, sword, or axe to permanently shut them up.














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