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The Berserker is a fragile but deadly profession. The Berserker uses powerful skills to inflict masssive damage to the enemy but dying very easily.

Although the berserker wears light armor (40 AL), in it's deadly arsenal are many skills that allow it to live long neough to crush the enemy with its massive damage output.

The berserker wields one weapon and one weapon only: the hammer. From a PvP standpoint, they are one of the best professions possible for a spike with their unbelievable damage output.

Most proffesions do not fit well with the Bersrker. However, one proffession can make the Berserker the ultimate spiking machine: The Assassin. As most of the berserker's skills make it die very fast, the assassin's shadowstepping ability makes it an ideal profession for the berserker.


Inner Rage This attribute increases the effectiveness of skills related to dealing damage at the cost of its own survivabilty. It also provides a base 1% more raw damage for each point in Inner Rage.

Some Inner Rage Skills:

  • Frenzied Fury
  • Summon Rage
  • "Join Me In Hell!"

Bruteness: This attribute increases teh effectiveness of skills that reduce damage and allow the Berserker to get off his attacks without dying.

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