GuildWars Wiki
  • Get hard mode skills for all the monsters.
  • Confirm skills on all the bosses who don't have all their skills recorded on the wiki. To find the names of these bosses search for Category: Needs SoC confirmation, however, don't put the link on any of your stuff as it will show up in that category.
  • Get an article for common builds (ex. cripslash, dev hammer, thumper). IF any of the builds are also another name for the skill, make a disambiguation page.
  • General cleanup...quite obviously.
  • Add images, skills, drops, etc. for Corsair Commander (Elementalist), Corsair Commander (Warrior), etc. Get an article for the Necromancer Ghosts and Corsair Commander (Monk)s that spawn in the Dajkah Inlet Challenge Mission.
  • More will be added later as I remember or come up with ideas. Feel free to add things to this list.