Yo! I'm Chlikaflok, with characters far and wide hailing from elona, tyria and cantha. I'm Wikiholic and could spend days reading just about anything on any wiki (I've read all about each and every dragonball (Z/GT) character, episode and special attack on wikipedia, for example...) I'm also a beginner contributor, with my own awakening of my GW:YOU status.

I enjoy creating builds that defy the primary use of a profession, such as my Assassin Tank or my now legendary within my alliance ParaMedic build. Believe me, a Primary healer paragon(P/W) impresses many, especially in the higher-end missions (such as the realm of torment ones or the ring of fire). Of course, the non-standard build I make would be nowhere efficient in elite zones, but that's not what I'm after at the moment anyway.

Current projects

  • So far my only project is to have a page redirection for each and every equivalent french search. (I.e. Searching a french skill name yields the page of the skill anyway, in english of course.) I realize this is only mildly useful as there is an auto-translation system in guild wars (using the right ctrl key...). But oh so many times have I been asked where X and Y skill was learned, and off I was to the GuildWiki...
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