Userbox Time

Mspainticon This user thinks MS Paint is ftw
CjadinSPavatar This user fancies himself a viking
Prince Rurik This user has a beard
PvP This user loves PvP but paradoxically sucks at it
Urgoz&#039;s Flatbow This user customized his Urgoz's Flatbow (sorry)
PvE This user loves PvE, and should stay there where no one will laugh at him
Burning Arrow This user has trouble not using certain skills
&quot;I Will Avenge You!&quot; This user is afraid of change
&quot;Victory is Mine!&quot; THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!
MiniJungleTrollIcon This user got a mini jungle troll for his first birthday and named it Nipper
MiniThornWolfIcon This user got a mini thorn wolf for his second birthday and named it Fitzroy
<|:D This user wears a hat!
Gwrangers-dv21 This user plays Ranger first and foremost
Silly nannies cape This user is the guild leader of The Silly Nannies [GROG]
Wut? This user isn't above begging while wearing black 15k armor
D: This user has caused his party to wipe by leaving Tahlkora flagged somewhere before


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