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Lightning Surge Obsidian Flesh Elemental Attunement Mind Burn Mind Freeze Glimmering Mark Mind Shock Thunderclap Ether Prodigy Ether Renewal Mist Form Ward Against Harm Water Trident Glyph of Energy Glyph of Renewal Gust Ride the Lightning Shockwave Unsteady Ground Energy Boon Double Dragon Star Burst Mirror of Ice Shatterstone Second Wind Blinding Surge Invoke Lightning Sandstorm Stone Sheath Ether Prism Master of Magic Mind Blast Savannah Heat Searing Flames Icy Shackles

Blood is Power Lingering Curse Plague Signet Tainted Flesh Grenth's Balance Life Transfer Offering of Blood Order of the Vampire Soul Leech Well of Power Feast of Corruption Spiteful Spirit Wither Aura of the Lich Virulence Cultist's Fervor Spoil Victor Vampiric Spirit Order of Apostasy Soul Bind Weaken Knees Animate Flesh Golem Discord Icy Veins Wail of Doom Ravenous Gaze Corrupt Enchantment Depravity Pain of Disenchantment Signet of Suffering Contagion Jagged Bones Order of Undeath Toxic Chill Reaper's Mark Dark Apostasy Locust's Fury Palm Strike Seeping Wound Flashing Blades Moebius Strike Temple Strike Assassin's Promise Shroud of Silence Siphon Strength Way of the Empty Palm Beguiling Haze Shadow Form Shadow Shroud Aura of Displacement Assault Enchantments Fox's Promise Way of the Assassin Golden Skull Strike Shattering Assault Mark of Insecurity Shadow Prison Hidden Caltrops Shadow Meld Wastrel's Collapse Ferocious Strike Escape Barrage Spike Trap Quick Shot Marksman's Wager Oath Shot Practiced Stance Crippling Shot Punishing Shot Greater Conflagration Incendiary Arrows Melandru's Arrows Melandru's Resilience Poison Arrow Enraged Lunge Heal as One Lacerate Archer's Signet Glass Arrows Trapper's Focus Broad Head Arrow Melandru's Shot Equinox Famine Rampage as One Strike as One Expert's Dexterity Infuriating Heat Burning Arrow Prepared Shot Quicksand Scavenger's Focus Smoke Trap Magebane Shot "Incoming!" Anthem of Guidance Crippling Anthem Angelic Bond Anthem of Fury Defensive Anthem Focused Anger Soldier's Fury "It's Just a Flesh Wound." "The Power Is Yours!" Song of Purification Song of Restoration Cruel Spear Stunning Strike Cautery Signet Junundu Siege Raven Blessing

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Current Titles:

  • I dont want to put all my titles here that will take to long cuz i am 1337


  • pandas are the coolectest thing there is on the earth (besides girls and humans)

My Minipets
  • Mini Kuunavang (Unded)Green
  • Mini Black Moa Chick(Unded)Green
  • Mini Asura(Unded)Gold
  • Mini Panda(Unded)Gold
  • Mini Oni(Unded)Purple
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