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I originally ran the Fangs of Fireshui guild over 14 months, starting in early April 2005. I made an effort to invite interesting, notable people who would be memorable. The guild hit a memberbase of about 75, and many members used the guild as a stepping stone, going on to join rank 300+ guilds. Unfortunately, too many members did so, and by the time Faction rolled out, the guild died. I held it afloat until summer, left for a long awaited vacation, and returned to find things in ruins & the guy I left in charge to be AWOL.

Following that, I stayed with a handful of guilds, including the rank 150 Err7, who were very kind in giving me some lessons in PvP. Following that, I stayed with Kaze Ni Nare, a Kurzick aligned guild that owned a range of towns, including Durheim Archives, Harvest Temple & Eradon Terrace. I got frustrated with the overwhelming focus on town control, which was supposed to 'finish' after they went on to take a Kurzick town (Durheim), but didn't.

After a time, I settled with The Nude Alliance, an alliance of small, good groups of people. With some back and forth, we've come to a compromise, and have started to merge into 'The Search Party Never Came.' [SOS]. We're fairly inexperienced in PvP, and are GvG'ing semi-seriously.


Warrior-icon-smallAlexandra CrawWarrior-icon-small

Character Alexacraw
  • W20.
  • Can be Monk-icon-small, Elementalist-icon-small Secondary
  • Tyrian Born.
  • Alexandra Craw fights in the harder realms of Tyria, going in alone to slay foes for profit.
  • Alexa wears Warrior Elite Templar armor, and has a wide variety of weapons to pick from.

Monk-icon-smallWinola CrawMonk-icon-small

  • Mo20
  • Winola can be Mesmer-icon-small secondary, but favors another setup.
  • She was born in Cantha.
  • Winola was originally a soldier on the Battle Isles, but her Infinity Protector Mo/E style was so popular, she graduated to Shing Jae Monastery.
Character Winolacraw
  • She wears Kurzick 1.5k armor, dyed black.
  • The Infinity Protector style uses Glyph of Renewal to maintain Divine Spirit indefinitely. With two earth protections and Divine Spirit kept up at all times, Winola has 160 armor and spends only 1 energy on each spell, allowing her to spam protections liberally.
  • Has beat Factions.

Elementalist-icon-smallSieben CrawElementalist-icon-small

Character Siebencraw
  • E20
  • Can be Monk-icon-small and Assassin-icon-small secondary, favoring the latter as of late.
  • Canthan Born
  • Sieben has undergone training as an assassin, and makes a very profitable living solo-killing a wide variety of notable enemies in Elona and Cantha.
  • Sieben enjoys PvP.
  • Has beat Factions.
  • Name Origin: Sieben means seven in german.

Ranger-icon-smallBrynn CrawRanger-icon-small

UserCraw BrynnCraw
  • R20
  • Can be Monk-icon-small and Ritualist-icon-small secondaries, but usually sticks to Ranger skills and a hard rez.
  • Elonian Born
  • Currently sports 15k Canthan armor, dyed black.
  • Her pet is Shenzi, a Dire Hyena, level 20
  • Has beat Factions and has 14/20 missions mastered in Nightfall.

Paragon-icon-smallAlita CrawParagon-icon-small

UserCraw AlitaCraw
  • P/W20
  • Alita Craw prefers Command for her skillset, setting mass numbers of enemies on fire while using "Incoming!" and crying out "They're on Fire!" to reduce damage to her allies.
  • Elonian Born
  • Has beat Nightfall.
  • Currently sports Paragon Ancient armor, and was the model for the guildwiki gallery of this armor.
  • Name Origin: Though it's the name from battle angel, I picked it because of the sync with language variations on 'alpha' and 'elite'.

Mesmer-icon-smallMelusine CrawMesmer-icon-small

Character Melusinecraw
  • Me20
  • Can be RechargeanyRecharge secondary.
  • Canthan Born
  • Melusine has earned the Legendary Survivor Title, having earned 1,337,500 exp without dying.
  • In her quest for the Legendary Survivor title, Melusine completed Prophecies and Factions without dying, and captured over 200 elite skills.
  • Melusine wields a Kaolin Domination Staff for Domination Magic, and a Wayward Wand with a Straw Effigy, dyed white, for Illusion magic.
  • Melusine is collecting a set of masks for each Mesmer discipline.
  • Name Origin: From the novel Melusine, in which a lad visits France, and meets a mysterious girl who is, shall we say, a little more than meets the eye.

Assassin-icon-smallRed Locust Aya CrawAssassin-icon-small

Character Ayacraw
  • A20
  • Canthan Born
  • Aya Craw, the Red Locust, wears Assassin Ancient armor and wields Darkroot's Daggers for the time being.
  • Aya played through Nightfall with 5 armor because her greedy soul wouldn't let her buy armor she was planning to replace.

Ritualist-icon-smallShia the Ebon LotusRitualist-icon-small

Character Shiacraw
  • Rt20
  • Canthan Born
  • Shia sports Ritualist Ascended Kurzick Armor, dyed white.
  • Shia favors Channeling Magic.
  • Shia participates in the war between the Kurzicks and the Luxons, fighting in Alliance Battles and Fort Aspenwood with her Guildmates.

RechargePvP SlotRecharge

  • My final character slot goes to keeping options open for PvP.

My Mission Progress

My Mission Progress Tables

You can take these tables for your own use if you so wish, but let me know on my userpage so I can see.

My Exploits/Accomplishments

  • As of October 1st '06, I unlocked everything available in chapter 1 and chapter 2.
  • As of the afternoon of December 31st '06, I have unlocked all items, runes, inscriptions and item modifiers available in chapters 1-3.
  • As of March 18th '07, I've unlocked the last Nightfall skill.
  • As of September 16th, I've unlocked the last Eye of the North skill, and have every skill & item modifier in Guild Wars available for PvP.
  • Earned 1,000,000 faction in PvP.
  • Completed Chapter 1 with all henchmen teams.
  • Completed Chapter 2 with all henchman teams.
  • Completed Chapter 3 with all henchman teams.
  • Completed Eye of the North with all henchman teams.
  • Played 3,650 hours over 28 months as of September 27, '07.

My Projects

  • Uploaded grayscale icons for the Nightfall skills: Use GR_ at the start of the image name (remove punctuation) to get a grayed out version of skill. Planned for keeping track of unlocks, marking skills made invalid for builds, etc. These have since been replaced by higher quality images.

Basic Info

en-N This user will communicate with pretty damn good english.

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

North America 70x40 This user plays for the territory of North America.

Symbolic Celerity This user is much too focused on keeping track of in-game-progress on her Userpage.
Cracked Armor This user is frustrated with the quality and quantity of EotN armor.
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