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Hello. I have been reading GuildWiki since about February of 2006. I made my first edit in May 2006 (an edit which has remained and built upon). I try to have as unbiased an opinion as possible, but sometimes it can be tough. I have an extreme dislike for people who don't sign their comments in talk pages, which is why I have Template:Unsigned linked on this page. I enjoy making up skills for the Category:GuildWiki humor, many of which have received good remarks from multiple users.

I have all current Necromancer skills and all necro Elites, so I know my necromancer skills. As well, due to my large variety of characters, I tend to have at least some knowledge of most other skills or skill uses. I mostly do PvE, usually with heroes and henchmen. As well, I PvP at times, mainly using my permanent PvP Ranger.

If you don't already use Mozilla Firefox, get it here so you can search GuildWiki without having to go to the site first and so you can spell check your edits.


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Self Claims

  • I credit myself with being the person who started the "minion stealing" in alliance battles, as it was shortly after I first used my experimental build (as found in my Sandbox) that others began using similar set-ups

Articles Started

Deleted Articles Started (deleted due to nerfs or policy change)

  • Build:N/Mo Spirit Bond Necromancer
  • Build:Dire pet builds (not really started by me, but I did make several of the builds)
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