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H Chars

Ms Minion Charmer

Plains of Jarin (Nightfall) - low level drops and their uses

Sometimes salvages into steel ingots using expert salvage kit
  • Hand axe
  • Avian axe
  • Winged axe
Best to sell to merchants
  • Istani keys
  • Taroms rockbreaker
Other notes
  • Lustrous stones - salvage into glittering dust or granite slabs
  • Spider webs - can be salvaged into silk using expert salvage kits (hence low price of silk)

Annual Event notes

Canthan new year (Chinese new year)

Do Fire in the Sky mission to speak to Nubah Lao in Sunqua Vale
  • 8 Glittering dust +2 Wood +1 Roll of parchment = Bottle Rocket (Party animal title)
  • 8 plant fibres +2 glittering dust +1 Glass vial = Champagne popper (Party animal title)
  • 6 Glittering dust +1 lump charcoal +1 spiritwood plank = Sparkler (Party animal title)

Lucky Weekend (St Patricks day)

Random drops are Four-Leaf Clover (Reduces death penalty) & Shamrock Ale


Random drops are Chocolate Bunny and Golden Egg

GW Birthday Party (weekend around 24th April)

Birthday Cupcakes are worth holding on to

Dragon Festival (July 4th)

Minigames are open (for farming lucky/unlucky titles)
Festival tickets can be bought from Sunri for 15g each
25 festival tickets can be exchanged for a Festival Prize (5 Victory tokens/Red bean cake/Rice wine/1k prize)
  • 250 victory tokens needed to exchange for event mask

Halloween (Oct 31st)



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