On my main account I have 3 characters from Prophesies that have finished that campain. I have 2 additional characters from Factions, with only 1 through the entire chapter 2 campain.
Chapter 1 UAS/UAX
  • N/Me/X - 1.2M XP - Tyrian Master Cartographer - SS Echo, SS/SV, MM, Anti Melee, 55N, ...
  • E/Mo - Air, Fire or Earth build - solo farm and had a 55Ele for a while
  • R/W - Runner, Poisioner, Barrager, Solo Ettin Farmer
  • A/W - Dagger, Crit Hit Axe - all Canthan missions with only henchies.
  • Rt17 - Reached Kaineng center
I'm working on getting the last 3 characters up to Boreas seabed and play all 3 up to the 2 befriending quests so that I can cash in once on the 10,000 required faction on both sides.
I belong to a mostly PvE guild leading an all Christian guild alliance allied with the Kurzick faction.
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