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Canada 79x40.pngGerroh

Age: 20
Location: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Professional Slacker
First Profession: Necromancer
Started Playing: March 2, 2007
Favourite Professions: Dervish, Necromancer, Ranger
Current Guild: Il Skinny Puppy Il [SP].

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This was a total accident, I swear.
If a rule or law is wrong, do what you can to fix it. Here's an argument I started that got "Inappropriate Language" changed to "Verbal Abuse" in the reporting panel.

Too Many Userboxes

  • A is for Auron who fell down the stairs.
  • B is for Blue.rellik assaulted by bears.
  • C is for Cookie who wasted away.
  • D is for Darksyde Never Again thrown out of a sleigh.
  • E is for Entropy who choked on a peach.
  • F is for Felix sucked dry by a leech.
  • G is for Gigathrash smothered under a rug.
  • H is for Hellbringer done in by a thug.
  • I is for Isk8 who drowned in a lake.
  • J is for Jedi who took lye by mistake.
  • K is for KyleH who was struck with an axe.
  • L is for Lost-Blue who swallowed some tacks.
  • M is for Maui who was swept out to sea.
  • N is for Nova who died of ennui.
  • O is for OrgX run through with an awl.
  • P is for Powersurge trampled flat in a brawl.
  • Q is for Quizzical who sank on a mire.
  • R is for Ruricu consumed by a fire.
  • S is for Shadowphoenix who perished of fits.
  • T is for Thoughtful who flew into bits.
  • U is for Utter Havoc who slipped down a drain.
  • V is for Vipermagi squashed under a train.
  • W is for Wizardboy embedded in ice.
  • X is for Xeon devoured by mice.
  • Y is for Yuri whose head was knocked in.
  • Z is for Zulu who drank too much gin.
18 Born 9/18/1989, wtf?
Nerf This user supports Anet's attempts at balancing the game.
! Gerroh ownz Plague!
"Save Yourselves!" (Luxon).jpg This user has anger issues.
Savage Shot.jpg This user is so talented, he can interrupt stances.
Sloth Hunter's Shot.jpg This user thinks 90% of the Rangers using Sloth Hunter's Shot have no idea what they're doing.
Wastrel's Worry.jpg ...and neither do the Mesmers using Wastrel's Worry.
Binding Chains.jpg This user likes bondage.
Demonic Flesh.jpg This user thinks Raptors is hilarious.
Shame.jpg This user edits his page so often, he actually got into an edit conflict with himself.
"I Will Avenge You!".jpg This user makes money as a mercenary for rich, lazy people.
Tease.jpg This user is a perv, and you love it.
Knee Cutter.jpg EotN icons, displaying the literal skill with no artistic value whatsoever.
Avatar of Dwayna.jpgAvatar of Grenth.jpgAvatar of Melandru.jpgAvatar of Balthazar.jpgAvatar of Lyssa.jpg Lyssa and Melandru are lovers, Grenth and Balthazar are drinking buddies, Dwayna and Abaddon used to date, but broke up, which caused Abaddon to wage war with the other gods.
Skinny Puppy We globalize the others' lies, we sanctify the great disguise - I am not living here, I have got much left to fear - Behind the crack behind the image on the wall I see you curled up tightly hiding from it all - Pasted carcass killing fields, body parts off dolls that bleed - Dark this heavy past tension over talking.

Profession Stereotypes

Avatar of Balthazar.jpg I have tons of armor which makes me invincible. And the bonus speed means I can hit my enemy so fast, they won't be able to counter!
Avatar of Lyssa.jpg I don't need to read past "your attacks do +50 damage.". My 16 scythe master will make sure no one survives more than 3 or 4 attacks from me!
Defy Pain.jpg If I equip a lot of survivor insignia and vitae runes, I'll never die. And Endure Pain makes an excellent self-heal.
Fire Attunement.jpgMeteor Shower.jpgAir Attunement.jpg The fact that I do much more damage than everyone means I'm the most important. If the monk is working hard to keep me alive, it's because I'm just that damn important. I also know exactly how other people should play their profession.
Shadow Prison.jpg My low defenses don't matter, if my monk does his job, I won't die and the enemy will be unable to stop my 7-attack-combo. If my monk fails, I have Shadow Refuge to back me up!
Vampiric Bite.jpg Pfft, I don't need all these blocking stances, I'll just take Life Siphon and Life Transfer. They're in Blood Magic, so there's no reason to not use them.
Visions of Regret.jpgWastrel's Worry.jpg I don't really understand how this combination works, but PvX says it's good! I can't possibly lose if I use a PvX build against those noobs!
Magebane Shot.jpgDistracting Shot.jpgDisrupting Shot.jpg If I fire these three off in quick succession, I'll do huge damage! Hell, I could even toss in Concussion Shot and Savage Shot! And they'll keep getting interrupted if they try to do anything! But I should definitely have Disrupting Shot because it's much better than Savage Shot.
Charm Animal.jpg I may be using a caster profession, but I need to level up my pet! I'll take it into PvP, that will get it to level 20 real quick! And it can help me do a bit more damage, without any downsides!

F'awesome Skills




  • Spell. You interrupt yourself.

"Thanks, Captain Obvious!"

Enduring Harmony.jpg


  • Shout. If target foe is a foe, you gain 10 energy.

Well of Obvious

Well of Suffering.jpg


  • Well Spell. Exploit the nearest corpse to create a well of Obvious. If that corpse was fallen creature, all foes who are foes in this well suffer from a -5 health degeneration.

Sarcasm Alert

Disrupting Throw.jpg


  • Skill. If target foe is, in fact, not an ally, that foe takes 10...70 damage.(Attribute: Strength, because Paragons ALWAYS use Strength.)

Failtastic Assassin

Palm Strike.jpg


  • Elite Skill. Target touched foe is hit by your over-used elite and takes 10...400 damage, but that's not enough for you, so you will continue to spam your chain out of order in a desperate attempt to kill them.(Attribute: Critical Strikes.)

"F--- You Too!"

Inspirational Speech.jpg


  • Shout. If you are below 10% health, target foe shares all of your conditions and hexes, and they lose all but 20...10% of their maximum health(Attribute: Command.)

Divide By Zero

Meteor Shower.jpg


  • Spell. Uh oh.

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