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Yada Yada This user talks too much.
Elitists Anonymous My name is Defiant Elements and I have a problem.
Copyleft This user's contributions are also released under the GFDL.

I'm on an indefinite hiatus from GuildWiki. If you wish to contact me try my GWW talk page or use the contact info below.

I used to be an active contributor to GuildWiki, but after the builds wipe I helped to establish PvXwiki where I'm a Bureaucrat. I've had an account on GWW for quite a while, but I've only been an "active" contributor since this past December or so.

According to the personality test found here, I'm an "Inspirer". Go figure.

For anyone currently using IE, I would advise them to peruse the information contained in this link: Internet Explorer Sucks.

If you get into a dispute with me, keep these two things in mind:

  1. I am always right.
  2. If you suspect me of being wrong, refer to point #1 :P

This user laments the destruction of the noble WikiDragons (damn WikiKnights!)

Notes to Self
  • Don't argue with zealots
  • Don't argue with idiots
  • Definitely don't argue with idiotic zealots
  • Just because people disagree with you doesn't mean that they're zealots
  • But it definitely doesn't rule out the possibility that they're idiots.
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